iPage Affiliate Program Review | Earn $150 Per Sale

 The iPage Webhosting

The iPage is one of the oldest Webhosting providers is started in 1998.

The iPage is the leading web hosting company that provides WordPress hosting, domain registration, reseller hosting, VPS(Virtual Private Server), shared hosting, Hosting(managed and unmanaged), Cloud VPS Hosting, Email Hosting, and dedicated Webhosting services. 

iPage provides a free domain name for one year like other Webhosting providers. In addition, you can host your multiple domain names on the shared hosting account.

It provides these services at the cheap price that the basic plan starts at $1.99 per month for 36 months of purchasing plan.

Additionally, the iPage provides you the ability to install the CMS (Content Management System) with one click. 

It offers money-back guarantee. 

Many new websites start their life with the iPage Webhosting. 

iPage Webhosting Benefits

  • FREE Domain for a year
  • 24/7 support
  • SSL certificate included
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy WordPress install
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Search engine ad credits
  • Site analytics
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iPage Affiliate Program

As you know that you can earn a decent commission from the Webhosting affiliate programs and the iPage affiliate program is one of them. 

The iPage affiliate program is great for you Because it pays a high commission per sale. 

The iPage Affiliate Program tracks the cookies for the last 90 days that’s very nice. 

As an iPage affiliate, you can earn up to the $150 per sale that you generate.

If you generate the 2 sales every month, You will earn $2,520 in a year. 

So I recommend that you must join the iPage affiliate program and promote the iPage Webhosting services and offers as an affiliate.

iPage Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Shared Hosting:   —->>—->>  $105 per sale

VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting:   —->>—->>  $105 per sale

WP Essential Hosting:   —->>—->>  $120 per sale

Dedicated Hosting:   —->>—->>  $150 per sale

Although, if you generate 10 sales per month of shared hosting for iPage through your affiliate link, You will earn $1,050 per month. So, you can make passive income with the iPage affiliate program.

How To Join The iPage Affiliate Program?

Now you’re just 4 steps away to make money with the iPage affiliate program such as joining the program, get your affiliate link of Webhosting service, promote the Webhosting services and generate the qualified sale for the affiliate program.
For this purpose, you have to join the iPage affiliate program. Joining the iPage affiliate program is very easy like other affiliate programs

You have to follow the following steps to create an account on the iPage affiliate program.
  1. Click here to land on the iPage affiliate program page.
  2. Then click on “Sign-up”.
  3. The iPage affiliate program wants some information related to your affiliate account. You have to enter all the required details and information in the signup form.
  4. Next, It will review your application.
  5. After getting the approval, you will eligible to log in to your iPage affiliate dashboard.

The iPage Affiliate Tools And Support

Most of the affiliate programs help the affiliates to promote their services easily and answers their questions, Although solve the affiliate problems. 
So the iPage Affiliate Program provides many affiliate tools and support, but one of the affiliate tools that the iPage affiliate Program provides is the banners.


One of the easy ways of affiliate linking is banners. The iPage affiliate program allows you to use many banners in many sizes being an affiliate. 
You can use these banners on your website and blogs for free. 
If you want to show the banners on your website and blogs, you have to choose the banners that you like and want to promote. 
Every banner has the HTML code that you have to copy and paste in the HTML section of the website and blog. Thus, you will show the iPage affiliate banners on the website and blogs. 
Finally, when the customers and audience click on the banner, they will land on the iPage Webhosting website. 

Quick Support

The iPage affiliate program provides fast and quick support that can help the affiliates to solve their problems and get the answers to their questions. Additionally, it provides FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) that’re helpful for affiliates. 

How To Promote The Ipage Webhosting Services?

After becoming the iPage affiliate, you have to promote the iPage Webhosting services. You have to promote their services to make money with it.
As you promote the services on the digital channels and platforms, the digital channels and platforms provide more opportunities to promote the services and products including the paid media, affiliate blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing. 

1. Paid Media

By using the paid media, you can promote the iPage web hosting services. The paid media provides great results.
For this purpose, you can use many digital channels and social media platforms that allow you to run ads such as Google ads, Facebook ads manager, Twitter ad campaign, and LinkedIn ads.

2. Affiliate Blogging

You can write affiliate blogs and articles for the iPage Webhosting services to earn the money with it. 
Keep in mind the quality of the blogs and articles and although you have to optimize the content for the search engines that you write. 
You should keep in mind the following elements to optimize the content for search engines.
  • Proper keyword research to find the low competition and long-tail keywords.
  • Write the quality content because the quality content is the king. 
  • Indexing the blogs and articles in search engines.
  • Earn the backlinks for the blogs and articles.
  • Share the blogs and articles on social media platforms to gain social signals.

3. Social Media Marketing

The latest statistics show that over 3.78 billion people use social media. As an iPage affiliate, you can sell the iPage Webhosting services to them by publishing the content on your social pages and profiles.
You should use copywriting skills to convince the customers to purchase the services. Also, provide your affiliate link with the content that you publish on social media. 

4. Email Marketing

However, email marketing is an effective way to nurture the audience and drive sales. Thus, you can use email marketing automation to generate leads and sales. 
For email marketing, you have to build an email list of your audience. Next, you have to write and send emails to them to convince them to purchase the iPage Webhosting services.

5. Promote Using LinkedIn

 As you know that LinkedIn is the B2B(Business to Business) and B2C(Business to consumer) platform. 
You can use LinkedIn platforms to drive leads and sales. For this purpose, you have to share the quality content and send the messages to users to encourage them to purchase the Webhosting services through your affiliate link.

iPage Affiliate Program Pros

Earn $150 per qualified sign-up: The iPage Affiliates can earn up to $150 per qualified customer sign-up.
Cookies Length: The iPage Affiliate Program saves the cookies for 90 days( 3 Months). it’s good for you to earn money from the iPage Affiliate Program.
Easy To Promote: You can access the many materials to use in your content being an iPage affiliate.
Payment Methods: You can get paid via Paypal, Check, or credit to your plan.
Already Made Materials: The iPage affiliate program provides many ads and links that you can use in your content.


How much money affiliates can earn per sale from the iPage Affiliate Program?
The iPage affiliates can earn up to the $150 per sale that you refer

How long does the iPage affiliate Program save the cookies?
90 days ( 3 Months).

How much money can you earn from the iPage affiliate program?
It depends on your quality and quantity that how many sales you refer.

How iPage affiliates can get the payout?
iPage affiliates can get payout via ACH, Paypal, and check.

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