Nexcess Coupon Code – Get 30% OFF the First 3 Months

Nexcess is an excellent and reliable web host which is used by more than 45,000 websites. Nexcess is well experienced (18 years of experience) in providing hosting products. In addition, the company has 10 data centers around the world.
Its hosting products are the best solution for all businesses (small, medium, and large). Nexcess is also the best choice for those websites that have millions of visitors or are expected.

Nexcess Hosting Products

Nexcess offers the following products.

The hosting solutions are optimized for various CMSs (especially for WordPress & Magento). Nexcess helps you to grow your business using its technologies, you just have to select a hosting solution that your business needs.

Nexcess Coupon Codes

Nexcess Coupon Code - Get 30% OFF the First 3 Months

Nexcess provides a special coupon code (30OFF3MO) to get discounts on managed WooCommerece hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and managed Magento hosting. With this Nexcess coupon code, you get 30% off the first 3 months.

These Nexcess coupon codes are for a limited time, so you should take advantage of these Nexcess hosting discount deals right now.

Simply, click on the below special button to navigate to Nexcess, select the right hosting solution, and enter the 30OFF3MO coupon at checkout.

Note: Keep in mind that this coupon code only works for new purchases.

Nexcess Features at A Glance

Nexcess hosting company delivers plenty of features that help you to grow and build your business easily. You cannot find some of the features anywhere else.

#1. One-click Staging

With Nexcess hosting, you can create the staging version of your website easily that allows you to do anything that you desire without taking any risk.

#2. Auto Scaling

When your website has a surge of traffic and your website cannot handle them. probably, it can be affected your website.
But don’t worry about that, Nexcess helps you in that case. Its cloud auto-scaling ensures handling more concurrent users.

#3. Free Site Migrations

Maybe your website is hosted on another web host but wants to migrate your website to Nexcess. So Nexcess comes in handy, it offers free site migration for its customers.

#4. 100% Uptime

If you’re searching for a web hosting company that delivers a 100% uptime guarantee. Then Nexcess is the best choice for you because it comes with a 100% uptime guarantee.

#5. 30-days Money-back Policy

Although Nexcess hosting is best for you but you don’t like its product when you’ve made the purchase and think this is not for you. So you can get the full refund because Nexcess offers 30 days money-back policy.

In simple terms, you’re not happy with the product that you have bought, you can cancel it to get back your money. Just get in touch with the support team, they will refund your money within 7-8 days.

#6. Dedicated Support

Nexcess ensures to deliver 24/7 customer support via phone call, live chat, and email, that’s great. Their support team responds to you within a minute through live chat.

#7. Business Email Address

With Nexcess hosting solution, you get a business or branded email address that includes your domain ([email protected]).

#8. Free SSL certificates

Nexcess hosting solutions come with a free SSL certificate that secures your site. To learn more about Nexcess features read our blog.

Nexcess Hosting Products

Let’s talk about Nexcess’s products and which one is perfect for you.

#1. Managed WordPress Hosting

Basically, the managed WordPress hosting is fully optimized for the WordPress platform that comes with fast speed, stability, security.

Managed WordPress hosting delivers useful features to include WordPress & plugins updates, daily auto-backups of the website, great customer support, IThemes security pro, content delivery network, business email, free SSL, image size compression, and fast site loading speed.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Pricing

Important: keep in mind that the following pricing is discounted when you apply the 30OFF3MO coupon. After the three months, you’ll pay higher than. Click the below button to auto-applied the disocunt.

  • Spark: You’ll pay $13.30/mo for 1 domain, 15 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth.
  • Maker: You’ll pay $55.30/mo for 5 domains, 40 GB storage, 3 TB bandwidth.
  • Designer: You’ll pay $76.30/mo for 10 domains, 60 GB storage, 4 TB bandwidth.
  • Builder: You’ll pay $104.30/mo for 25 domains, 100 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth.
  • Producer: You’ll pay $209.30/mo for 50 domains, 300 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth.
  • Executive: You’ll pay $384.30/mo for 100 domains, 500 GB storage, 10 TB bandwidth.
  • Enterprise: You’ll pay $699.30/mo for 250 domains, 800 GB storage, 10 TB bandwidth.

#2. Managed Magento Hosting

Magento is one of the top e-commerce platforms written in PHP. Nexcess provides the best Magento hosting solutions for those who use the Magento platform.

You get quick 24/7/365 support, fast speed, 30 days backups, a money-back guarantee of 30-day, a ton of email accounts, advanced caching, a content delivery network, dedicated IP addresses, and instant auto-scaling.

Managed Magento Hosting Plans Pricing

  • XS Plan: Starts at $34.30/mo and gets you to install 10 sites, disk space of 50 GB, 1 TB bandwidth, and 20 concurrent users.
  • S Plan: Starts at $69.30/mo and gets you to install 15 sites, disk space of 75 GB, 2 TB bandwidth, and 40 concurrent users.
  • M Plan: Starts at $125.30/mo and gets you to install 20 sites, disk space of 125 GB, 3 TB bandwidth, and 60 concurrent users.
  • L Plan: Starts at $209.30/mo and gets you to install 30 sites, disk space of 400 GB, 5 TB bandwidth, 80 concurrent users, 20 GB RAM, and 20 VCPU.
  • XL Plan: Starts at $384.30/mo and gets you to install 40 sites, disk space of 600 GB, 8 TB bandwidth, 100 concurrent users 26 GB RAM, and 26 VCPU.
  • XXL Plan: Starts at $594.30/mo and gets you to install 50 sites, disk space of 800 GB, 10 TB bandwidth, 120 concurrent users, 32 GB RAM, and 32 VCPU

#3. Managed WooCommerce Hosting

With Nexcess’s managed WooCommerce hosting, you can create your own online store. Also, this hosting is flexible and customizable for anything that you desire to do.
Additionally, this hosting comes with a one-click fast checkout option that boosts conversion rate and checkout completion rate.

AffiliateWP, Convert Pro, Astra Pro, and advanced analytics with are paid tools that you acquire for free with managed WooCommerece hosting.

Nexcess Coupon Code - Get 30% OFF the First 3 Months

Managed WooCommerce Hosting Plans Pricing

  • Starter: You’ll pay $13.30/mo for 1 store, 30 GB storage, 500 orders per hour.
  • Creator: You’ll pay $55.30/mo for 3 stores, 60 GB storage, 1000 orders per hour.
  • Merchant: You’ll pay $104.30/mo for 5 store, 100 GB storage, 2500 orders per hour.
  • Standard: You’ll pay $209.30/mo for 10 store, 300 GB storage, 3000 orders per hour.
  • Growth: You’ll pay $384.30/mo for 20 store, 500 GB storage, 5000 orders per hour, analytics.
  • Enterprise: You’ll pay $699.30/mo for 30 store, 800 GB storage, 10000 orders per hour, analytics.

How to Save 30% over the first 3 months on Nexcess’s Products?

Now it’s a great time to grab this hosting discount deal because it is a limited-time offer.

The following steps navigate to activate to how to save 30% the first 3 months.

  • Step #1: Copy the 30OFF3MO coupon code and click the below button.
  • Step #2: After that, choose the hosting solution that is perfect for your business. let’s say the managed WordPress hosting.
  • Step #3: Once you choose the right hosting solution and plan, click on the get started button to start purchasing.
  • Step #4: Once you click on that, you’ll be taken to the page that allows entering account information and setting up the order.

Step #4: Finally, you will redirect to the page that allows entering account information and setting up the order. 

The coupon code is added automatically to monthly plan purchases, otherwise, you have to enter the coupon code for the annual plan.

Nexcess Coupon Code - Get 30% OFF the First 3 Months - Nexcess Hosting Products

Step #5: Furthermore, enter your billing address and add a payment method.

Step #6: Set up your hosting plan to complete your purchase and create your account. When your account is created, log in to your account to launch your website.