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To get started with a new website, you need to the domain and hosting based on your business requirements and needs. That’s why you need a domain and hosting. 

There are plenty of domain and hosting providers but the leader, reliable, and flexible hosting provider is Bluehost.

Bluehost is the great web hosting provider suggested by officially WordPress. It provides hosting services at affordable prices. The web host offers shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress hosting.

Bluehost $2.65/mo Deal | Bluehost Discount Coupon

Usually, you’ve to pay $2.95/mo for the basic plan of shared hosting at Bluehost. But Here’s the best discount deal that lets you purchase web hosting from Bluehost for only $2.65/mo with the special discount coupon (Bluehost $2.65/mo deal) via our unique link.
With this Bluehost discount coupon offer, you get 70% off on Bluehost’s shared hosting plans.
It means that Bluehost will charge you $2.65/mo for the shared hosting basic plan instead of $2.95/mo.

In addition, the Bluehost $2.65/mo deal includes a free domain name for one year and a free SSL certificate.
Keep in mind that we share with you the super trick to purchase the Bluehost web hosting at $2.65/mo, therefore you should pay attention to how to take advantage of Bluehost’s $2.65/mo deal part.  

Bluehost Discount Coupon Offer Details

  • Basic plan: $2.65/mo instead of $2.95/mo – 70% off
  • Plus plan: $4.95/mo instead of $5.45/mo – 58% off
  • Choice Plus plan: $4.95/mo instead of $5.45/mo – 70% off
  • Pro plan: $12.95/mo instead of $13.95/mo – 52% off
Bluehost $2.65mo deal - 70% Off  Bluehost Discount Coupon - RealBSG

Before grabbing this Bluehost discount coupon offer, let’s talk about why you should take advantage of this Bluehost $2.65/mo deal.

Why You Grab this Bluehost $2.65/mo deal – 70% Off?

#1. Pay $2.65/mo Instead of $2.95

Bluehost charges you $2.95/mo for the shared hosting basic plan without applying the super trick. But I show you the super trick that lets you take 70% off and pay $2.65/mo for that entry-level plan.

#2. Free Domain Name

Along with saving 70%, you acquire a free domain name for one year with any hosting plan of shared hosting.

#3. Free SSL Certificate

Not only a free domain but you will get a free SSL certificate too. 

#4. 24/7 Customer Support

Bluehost provides friendly 24/7 customer support, their teammates help you to create and build your website. You can call, chat and email them.

#5. Create Your Website Easily

You can easily create your website using WordPress on Bluehost hosting.

#6. Bluehost Domain Manager

Bluehost provides the Domain Manager that helps you to update, manage, transfer, and purchase your domain name in one place.

#7. Free CDN

Bluehost receives you free CDN that stores the website’s content and minimizes the distance between the websites and visitors.

#8. Free Automated Backups

The hosting provider creates your website backups automatically.

#9. One-Click WordPress Installation

All Bluehost hosting plans come with a 1-click WordPress installation, suitable for WordPress features and plugins, and update your WordPress automatically.

#10. 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

The #1 hosting provider ensures a 30-day money-back with no questions asked.  So don’t worry about that, get in touch with them to refund your money, if you aren’t pleased with its product.

#11. WordPress Site Migration

The platform provides The Bluehost Migrator Plugin that assists you to move your WordPress site to Bluehost with ease.

#12. cPanel

Bluehost offers the cPanel to easily, build, grow and manage your site.

#13. 99.99% Uptime

The web host provides an industry-standard uptime guarantee such as 99.99%.

#14. Drag and Drop Builder

You can create an eye-catching website quickly using the Drag and Drop Builder tool.

#15. 100+ Free Stock Image Library

Also, you get access to 100+ stock images libraries that you can use free of cost.

#16. Free Domain Privacy

This option protects your personal information associated with your domain and hosting plan. The platform enables you this option for free.

#17. Dedicated IP

If you need the Dedicated IP option, you have to go with the Pro Plan of Basic Plan. The Pro Plan only included this feature.

How to Grab Bluehost’s $2.65/mo Deal?

Let’s take the benefit of the special Bluehost discount coupon offer to buy the Bluehost shared hosting basic plan for only $2.65/mo.

Step #1: Clear Browser History (Cookies)

At the first step, clear your browsing history especially caches and cookies. You can use the Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously shortcut code to clear your browsing history (cookies, cache, etc), it works for many browsers.

Alternatively, follow these steps to clear your browsing history.

  • Open your browser (Google Chrome)
  • Click 3 dots from the right upper corner
  • Click the history button from the dropdown menu
  • Next, display a window where you can view all cookies data.
  • Then click on the clear browsing data from the left sidebar and it will redirect to a new page.
  • Finally, click on the clear data button, and your browsing history will be cleared.

Step #2: Visit Bluehost Hosting Services

You can only grab this deal using our exclusive unique link. Click on the below button to redirect to the Bluehost website. We are partnered with Bluehost.

Step #3: Select Hosting plan

I recommend that purchase the hosting that suits your business requirements and needs. 

Once you visited Bluehost, click on the Get Started button. This will bring you to another page where you can choose your hosting plan.

The basic plan price is $2.95/mo. Maybe you think that the price is $2.95/mo for the basic plan, then how we can purchase this hosting for $2.65/mo? The answer is pretty simple, we’ll reduce the price from $2.95/mo to $2.65/mo at step #5.

Once you choose the basic plan, click the select button to get started.

Step #4: Set Up Your Domain 

Next, you have to set up your domain name, there are two options.

  • Create a new domain: You will get the free domain name for the first year with the Bluehost $2.65/mo deal. To register your new domain, just enter the domain name and select an extension, and click the next button.

If the domain is available, go with that, otherwise, choose an alternative domain.

  • Use a domain you own: If you already own a domain, want to connect that domain with hosting, then type the domain name and hit the next button.

Likewise, you can set up your domain name later too.

Step #5: Claim Saving – 70% Off

When your favorite domain is available, you will redirect to a page that allows creating an account.

There you can reduce the plan price.

There you have to wait to appear Bluehost $2.65/mo deal pop-up.

Tips for Appearing Bluehost $2.65/mo deal pop-up

  • keep in mind that there you have to wait for many seconds to show pop up that lets you save 70% and pay $2.65/mo instead of $2.95.
  • Move your cursor to the close tab icon, but not click.

Then there will open a pop up as you can see in the below image.

Next, click on the Claim Saving button within the pop-up.

bluehost $2.65/mo deal

Once you click on that, the price will be reduced from $2.95/mo to $2.65/mo.

bluehost $2.65 deal bluehost discount coupon

Step #6: Create your Account

Finally, create your account to complete your purchase and take advantage of Bluehost’s $2.65/mo deal. 

There are two options to create an account on Bluehost.

  • Sign in with Google: You can sign in with Google to easily create your account.
  • Fill out the form: Alternatively, enter the account, package, and payment details and set up the package extras based on your need to create your account on Bluehost.

Step #7: Verify Your Email

Once you submit the order, the confirmation email will be sent to your email address, just click on the link within the email to verify your account. So your account will be created and then you can log in to your account to install WordPress.

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