Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing, Plans, and Features

Want to know about Bluehost Shared hosting pricing, plans, and features, and which Bluehost shared hosting plan is best for you. So you’re in the right place.

When an individual or a business wants to get started with a new website(s), it needs secure, faster, and reliable hosting that suits its business needs and wants.

There’re many types of hosting available such as Shared Hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and so on. But the most popular choice is shared hosting. Because shared hosting is the cheapest solution compared to other types of hosting.

A number of web hosting companies provide this type of hosting with multiple packages. The packages’ prices are different based on the features and resources included in the packages. That’s where it makes confusion for the beginners.

As you know that Shared hosting is offered by a number of web hosts, but we recommend Bluehost.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is the right option because of its affordable pricing for reliable hosting, great features, fast lighting speed, high performance, hosting of unlimited websites, etc.

The recommended platform hosts more than 2 million websites. And every single day hosts hundreds of thousands of new websites.

Bluehost is officially recommended by The platform offers the guarantee of 99.99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, free domain, free SSL certificate, etc with any hosting plan.

This blog is all about the Bluehost Shared hosting pricing, plans, and features. And also helps you to choose the right plan of Bluehost shared hosting that is ideal for your online business to get success.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing, Plans and Features

Bluehost offers 4 plans for shared hosting such as:

  • Basic Plan
  • Plus Plan
  • Choice Plus Plan
  • Pro Plan

Each Bluehost shared hosting plan works best for different businesses. Bluehost Shared hosting plans’ prices are varied.

Take a look at Bluehost’s shared hosting packages with their pricing and features.

AspectsBasic PlanPlus PlanChoice Plus PlanPro Plan
Pricing₹179/mo ₹299/mo ₹299/mo ₹859/mo
Websites1 siteUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain✔️✔️ ✔️✔️
Free SSL✔️ ✔️ ✔️✔️
BandwidthUnmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Sub Domains25 Subdomains✔️✔️✔️
Free Site Backup✔️✔️
Dedicated IP✔️

Let’s dig dive into it.

Basic Plan

The shared hosting Basic Plan is the cheapest hosting solution. The plan provides all the features that you need to get online a website. Hence this package is a good solution for all the users who want to live their first website.


This starter pack enables you to the following features.

  • One website to host
  • A free domain name for first year
  • 25 subdomains
  • Free SSL certificate to secure your website
  • 50 GB SSD storage (sufficient for new sites)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • One Database (manage a huge amount information effectively)
  • Drag and Drop Site Builder (Create your site with ease)
  • Free CDN (boost your site speed and performance)
  • Email Marketing Tool

Along with that, you get more useful features.


Bluehost offers three billing cycles for every plan such as 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year. As you choose the short period billing cycle, the price will get higher.

  • INR 179/mo for 36 Months
  • INR 179/mo for 24 Months
  • INR 199/mo for 12 Months

Works Best For:

  • Starter Blogger
  • WordPress Beginners
  • Blog site
  • Small site
  • Bloggers who want to set up a site under a limit budget.

Plus Plan

The Shared hosting Plus package is the perfect solution for those who want to publish a number of websites.

This plan is more powerful than the Basic Plan because you get unmetered SSD storage, unlimited databases for hosting unlimited websites, and so on.


  • Unlimited Websites to Host
  • Unmetered SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • A Domain for 1st Year at Free of Cost
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free CDN
  • Drog and Drop Site Builder
  • Free CDN
  • Email Marketing Tool


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  • INR 249.00/mo for 36 Months
  • INR 349.00/mo for 24 Months
  • INR 399.00/mo for 12 Months

Works Best For:

  • Bloggers
  • Multiple sites’s owners
  • All WordPress enthusiast users

Choice Plus Plan

The Choice Plus plan is the most recommended plan that offers more features than the Plus plan.

Not only do you get all the features from the PLUS plan, but also you get additional features to include free domain privacy, and free site daily backups.

Although both PLUS and CHOICE PLUS plans prices are the same, the CHOICE PLUS plan renewal price gets higher than the PLUS plan.


  • Unlimited Websites to Host on Single Account
  • Unmetered SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • A Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Free Website Daily Backup
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • Free CDN


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  • INR 249.00/mo for 36 Months
  • INR 349.00/mo for 24 Months
  • INR 399.00/mo for 12 Months

Works Best For:

  • Medium Traffic Site
  • A number of websites to host on single account
  • Bloggers
  • People who are looking for Free Domain Privacy and Free Site Daily Backups options.

Pro Plan

If you’re searching for a shared hosting plan that includes the Dedicated IP option, then the Pro Plan of Bluehost shared hosting is the right choice for you.
But keep in mind that this is the most expensive shared hosting package of the Bluehost.


The Pro plan lets you enjoy all the features from the CHOICE PLUS plan, In addition, you get more useful features including Dedicated IP.

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unmetered SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Domain for 1 Year
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Email Marketing Tool
  • Free CDN
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Free Site Daily Backup


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  • INR 699/mo for 36 Months
  • INR 899/mo for 24 Months
  • INR 999/mo for 12 Months

Works Best For

  • High Traffic Sites
  • Professional Bloggers
  • Who’re looking for the Dedicated IP option

How to Get 70% Off on Bluehost Shared Hosting?

You can take 70% off on any Bluehost hosting service whether it is shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting.

To take special discount, follow these steps.

1. Exlusive Link

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2. Choose the Right Plan

Choose a plan that is suitable for your business needs and wants.

3. Free Domain

Once you choose a suitable plan, next get a free domain for one year.

Search your favorite domain and check availability. If the domain name is available, get it free.

4. Save Your Money

We recommend that sign up for the 36-months billing cycle, so you will save a high amount of money.

5. Enter Your Account and Billing Information

At the final step, enter your account and billing details to make the purchase.

Next, install WordPress on your hosting to get started.

Read this blog about how to install WordPress on Bluehost?

Why You Should Choose the Bluehost?

Bluehost is a reliable hosting provider that offers a ton of features that help individuals and businesses to get success online.

In addition, Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress since 2005

#1. Free Domain & Free SSL

All Bluehost shared hosting plans come with a free domain (value $12) and SSL certificate.

#2. One-Click WordPress Installation

You can install WordPress on Bluehost with one click.

#3. 24/7 Customer Support

Their support team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone call, ticket submission, and email that resolves your issues promptly.

#4. WordPress Site Migration

The platform provides The Bluehost Migrator Plugin that assists you to move your WordPress site to Bluehost with ease.

#5. cPanel

Bluehost offers the cPanel to easily, build, grow and manage your site.

#6. 99.99% Uptime

The web host provides the industry-standard uptime guarantee such as 99.99%.

#7. Drag and Drop Builder

You can create an eye-catching website quickly using the Drag and Drop Builder tool.

#8. 100+ Free Stock Image Library

Also, you get access to 100+ stock images library that you can use free of cost.

#9. Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The CDN helps you to speed up your website around the clock at any location and boost performance.

#10. Free Domain Privacy

This option protects your personal information associated with your domain and hosting plan. The platform enables you this option for free.

#11. Free Daily Website Backup

Don’t worry about losing your website data, Free Daily Site Backup option is included.

#12. Dedicated IP

If you need the Dedicated IP option, you have to go with the Pro Plan. The Pro Plan only included this feature.


So you should consider Bluehost as a reliable web host. Over 2 million websites are hosted on the Bluehost.

Shared Hosting is the perfect option for bloggers, WordPress enthusiast users, small businesses, and beginners.

The reliable web host offers 4 plans for shared hosting such as Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

The Basic plan is a good choice for beginners.

The Plus plan is the right choice for bloggers and multiple sites owners.

The Choice Plus plan is the recommended plan for those who want to get online a number of websites.

If you want to launch or migrate high-traffic site(s), go with the Pro plan.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing (Subtotal)

Take a look at Bluehost Shared Hosting plans’ subtotal cost. To put it simply, you will pay that particular amount of money for that specific billing cycle.

Plan12 Months24 Months36 Months
Choice Plus₹5508.00₹8616.00₹10764.00
Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing

If you’re a beginner or just starting out a new website, then you should consider the Basic Plan.

So What are you waiting for?

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