How To Create A Profile On LinkedIn? | Step-By-Step Guides And Tutorials

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms. The LinkedIn platform is for professional people. LinkedIn is heaven for professionals. There you can share your information, job experience, skills, career information with the world. 

It is the hiring social media platform. There you can make your own network. LinkedIn is the public platform. 

  • More than 706 million users exist on LinkedIn. 
  • 2 new members join the Linkedin platform every second globally.
  • The 9 billion content impressions record every single week. 

Important Points

  • LinkedIn is a social networking platform where you can make connections. 
  • Always give your job experience information there because many companies view them and they looking for talented people.
  • There you can share your ideas with your network.
  • LinkedIn is popular for jobs, there you can get the jobs and post the jobs.

Why You Must Create An Account On Linkedin?

1. Personal And Company Branding

By using LinkedIn you can create and build your personal and company branding.

2. Largest B2B Platform

LinkedIn is the largest B2B (business to business) platform also B2C (business to consumer) platform too. You can use Linkedin for business purposes. 
The new research shows that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn and 40% of all B2C leads come from LinkedIn. 

3. Networking

You can make a good network on the LinkedIn platform because it provides you many features that help you build your professional network. 

4. Leads And Sales

In LinkedIn, you can generate leads and sales. Although, LinkedIn provides you the “leads generator tool”. You can use one month free trial of LinkedIn premium, and then you have to pay for it.

5. Posting The Jobs

If you have to post the jobs on LinkedIn. Then you have to make the LinkedIn page for your company and post your jobs.

6. Finding A Good Job

LinkedIn is popular for getting jobs. Many companies post their jobs on LinkedIn and you can apply for them.

7. Website Traffic

LinkedIn is the best source for generating website traffic. Add your website link to your LinkedIn profile and share your content on the LinkedIn platform. 

8. Build Credibility

By using LinkedIn, you can build the products and services credibility. The building of products and services credibility help to generate more revenue.

9. Learning

LinkedIn provides you the learning oppurtunity. There are 16000+ courses are added.
Keep in mind that you can access these courses when you use premium LinkedIn. If you are new to LinkedIn, you can use the one-month free trial of LinkedIn premium. 

10. 706 Million+ Professionals

As you know that LinkedIn is used by 706 million professionals. You can interact and learn from the professionals on the LinkedIn platform.

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Create a LinkedIn profile 2021? | RealBSG

How To Create A Profile On LinkedIn Step-By-Step?

Now you are going to learn the creating account on LinkedIn. 
So follow the following steps to create an account on LinkedIn.
  • Then click on the “Sign up” button.
  • There you will see the small boxes on the LinkedIn platform. There you have to enter account details and information.
  • After entering the information, then you have to click “Join now”.
  • Next, you have to verify your account. there will show you the small box, Enter the below information there.
  • How Do you want to get the verification code: Text Message or call – So I click On the text message. Then select your country and enter your mobile number, then they will send the code.
  • After getting the verification code, enter this code in the small box. after that your LinkedIn account will be verified.
  • Then they will show you the “welcome” page. then it asks more questions to set up your account.
  • Answer their questions correctly.
  • verify your email: LinkedIn sends the verification code to your emails and then enters the code there.
  • Add Profile Picture: Add your personal picture on your LinkedIn profile because it will help you that people recognize you.
  • Finally, your account will be created and you will see the main page of the LinkedIn platform.
How to create a LinkedIn profile 2021? | realBSG |  how to create a linkedin profile 2021 | linkedin buzzwords 2021 | how to use linkedin 2021 | linkedin tips 2021 | how to make your linkedin profile stand out 2021 | how to upgrade linkedin profile |how to create a good linkedin  |
How to create a LinkedIn profile 2021? | RealBSG

How To Make The LinkedIn Profile More Professional?

After creating an account on Linkedin, now it’s time to make your profile more professional.
There I will share with you some tips and tricks that help you to make your profile more professional.
  • Add A Profile Picture
Add your profile picture with a headshot. But your picture has followed these file sizes and dimensions. 
  • 400 × 400 ( width and height )
  • picture types( PNG or JPG )
  • Max file size – 8MB
  • GIFs are not supported
  • Add Your Industry
Add information about your industry and accomplishments. 
  • Add Your Header Text
Add the amazing and strong header text.
  • Drafting  A Compelling Summary
The summary appears in the about section. Write a strong summary for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Filling Your Professional History
It is extremely important for visitors and users to value your past experience, accomplishments, current position, and skills. I recommend that use the videos, pictures, and documents that you are proud of.

What Is LinkedIn Most Use For?

1. Marketing

You can use the LinkedIn platform for marketing and promoting. For instance, you have the new products that you want to promote but you haven’t access to the companies. 
Here is the way that helps you to promote your products to companies and that’s LinkedIn. Because many companies exist on the LinkedIn platform. 

2. Hiring

Most companies looking for experienced, experts, and talented employers. They posting their jobs on LinkedIn. 
More than 2.8 million recruiters ( HRs ) exist on LinkedIn and  4 million members are hired through the LinkedIn platform.   
You should optimize the profile that the recruiters find you. 

3. Selling

By using LinkedIn, you can generate sales. LinkedIn provides a tool called the “Lead generator tool”. By using it, you can generate the leads, then you have to encourage and convince them to purchase the products and services. 

4. Learning

On the LinkedIn platform, you can learn something new. The 16000 courses are added to the LinkedIn learning system. You can also learn from professionals, experts, and experienced peers. 

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