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If you want to become a super digital marketer, you need to learn some skills including posting, advertising, acquisition or sales, performance measurement, client Dealing, and content writing skills that help you to improve your digital marketing expertise level. 

Once you become a digital marketer, there’re many ways to earns money with digital marketing skills. You can offer your services on freelance websites and also direct offers to clients. 

Although, you can use your digital marketing skills on the internet to earn the money. 

8 Powerful Digital Marketing Skills

  1. Community management
  2. Posting Skills
  3. Advertising Skills
  4. Generating The Sales
  5. Performance Measurement Skills
  6. Content Writing Skills
  7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  8. Email Marketing

1.Community Management

Community management means managing a group, a channel, or a community through digital media. In this type of skill, you’re going to learn how to manage the communities. 

For instance, there is a camera company that sells the cameras. The company has 200000 followers on Social media platforms and It has a good engagement rate. If you get this type of job, then it’s your responsibility to manage the audience community. 

As a community manager, you have to replies to the comments and respond to messages of the audience, answers their questions, thank them for their support, removing the irrelevant comments and reviews that don’t suitable for the company, and more. 

2. Posting Skills

The posting skills are very important because the companies and brands have to post the content on every digital channel that the audience wants and can engage them. 
In posting skills, You have to learn how to make digital marketing and social media marketing strategies? – What to post? – Why post? – When to post? – Where to post? 
Additionally, you will learn how to make a content-sharing calendar for digital channels such as websites, blogs, social media platforms. 
After becoming an expert, you can make the good income by providing the services on the internet. 

3. Advertising Skill

Basically, the advertising skill is all about boosting brand awareness, promoting the products and services, generating leads and sales, and etc through paid advertisement on different channels including the search engine result pages, relevant websites, social media platforms, and more. 
In advertising skills, you have to learn how to set up an ad campaign properly that can bring good results for the businesses and brands. However, you will learn which platforms and channels are suitable for the ad campaign that help to minimize your budget and maximize your good results.
Keep in mind that every digital platform’s advertising skills differ from other platforms, for instance, if you run ads on Facebook, it’s different from youtube ads. 
TIP: If you want to run ads on a platform, you must identify your SMART goals that what do you want to get? – It helps you to achieve your SMART goals.
SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

4. Generating The Sales

Generating sales is the trendiest skill that I like the most. In this type of skill, you have to learn how to generate the qualified leads that are most likely close to purchasing the products and services and how to convince the leads to buy the services and products. 

Every company and brand wants to increase the number of sales. For this purpose, they’re looking for digital marketers that can help them to drive sales for their businesses. 

Most companies and brands provide affiliate programs for this purpose.

The affiliates join the affiliate program of the company and brand, They promote the company’s and brand’s products and services, when they generate the qualified leads and sales, then the company and brand pay them per lead or per sale that they have generated.

5. Performance Measurement Skill

The performance measurement skill is one of the most important skills that every digital marketer needs. Basically, you have to measure the performance data of the business and company that exist on the digital channels.

Most of the digital channels provide the tools called “Analytics & Insights” that you can use to measure the efforts of the business and brand including google analytics, LinkedIn analytics, facebook insight tool, and Instagram insight tool.

The analytics and insight tools provide the comprehensive data of the audience that engages and interacts with the company pages that exist on the digital channels. You can view the audience data including gender, location, interests, gadgets, and behaviors in the analytics and insight tools. 

It helps you to identify your target audience and you can better target your audience for paid marketing.

6. Content Writing Skills

Many digital marketers want to become content writers, for this purpose, they have to learn all content writing skills such as creative writing, copywriting, ebook writing, writing content for social media platforms, and blogs and article writing.
There’re many users who exist on the internet that like to read textual content. Therefore, most businesses, companies, and brands publish blogs, articles, infographics, and ebooks on their websites.
There’re many ways to monetize your skills. You can publish the ads on your website, articles, and blogs. Although you can earn from the sponsored content and additionally you can offer your services to the clients at the freelance marketplace.
Thus, you will make a good income on the monthly basis through content writing skills.

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the very demand skill that every business and website need to optimize and rank the content in search engines to show in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It’s an effective way to gain the potential audience.

To become an SEO expert, you have to learn all the skills of SEO including finding the long-tail and low competition keywords, writing the quality content, indexing in search engines, earning the backlinks, driving traffic to the website, and more. 

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great skill to become a digital marketer. Email marketing allows you to interact with the audience and customers. 
Email marketing is crucial for brands, companies, businesses, agencies, and bloggers.
There’re many email marketing tools that you can use to interact with your audience including constant contact and MailChimp.

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