How To Make Money With Digistore24 Affiliate Program?

Wondering about making money with the Digistore24 affiliate program and referral program? This blog is just for you.

The Digistore24 affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs that pay you the high amount of money per qualified sign-up that you refer (10%-92%).

The Digistore24 affiliate program lets you promote 2 types of products such as digital and physical.

How To Make Money With Digistore24 Affiliate Program?

How Does Digistore24 Pay You?

It pays you between the 10% and 92% commission per sale that you refer. Firstly, join the Digistore24 affiliate program to earn money.

1st Way: Make Money With Digistore24 Affiliate Program

Follow these steps to earn the commission.

#1. How To Choose A Niche For Digistore24 Affiliate Blogging?

Make sure to select a niche for Digistore24 affiliate blogging. The choosing of the niche will help you that which types of products you will promote.

  • Your Interest: Select a niche based on your interest.
  • Customers Interset: Select a niche based on your customer’s need and want.
  • Research: Search in google “list of niches” to find the list of niches, select one of them.

PRO TIP: ” Don’t change niche for a website”.

#2. How to Choose the Best Digistore24 Products?

Choose the best products for promoting which give you more profit. 
There are some criteria for finding the best products as listed below.

  • Affiliate Support Page: Some best products have an affiliate support page that gets you the already made materials that you can use in promotion. 
  • Professional Sales Page: Every product has a sales page but I recommend selecting the professional sales page’s products. The professional sales page can convince the leads to buy the product. You just have to drive the customer to the sales page via your affiliate link.
  • Pay Per Lead Contracts: Also, Many vendors at Digistore24 provide the “Pay per lead contracts“, By joining the “pay per lead contacts“, you can increase the revenue.

Firstly, join the “pay per lead contract“, then send the leads to the sites to provide their emails and phone numbers. When the company confirms the leads, they will pay you.

  • Cart Conversion Rate: In addition, check the cart conversion rate that shows in the percentage. If the product’s cart conversion rate is good, promote it.
How To Make Money With Digistore24 Affiliate Program?
  • Cancellation Rate: However, I suggest that check the cancellation rate of the product. If the cancellation rate is high for a product, don’t promote it. 
  • Earnings Per Sale: The digistore24 affiliate program shows the average “earning per sale” for every product. If you want to maximize your earnings, promote the high-earning products but also keep in mind the above criteria for selecting a product.

Generate your affiliate links of products to promote them. Generating your affiliate link is very easy, click the “Promote Now” button and wait for your link.

How To Make Money With Digistore24 Affiliate Program

#4. Promote the Products to Drive Sales

Finally, boost the products to refer new customers to receive the commission. Once you refer new customers, you will gain a commission.

2nd Way: Digistore24 Affiliate Referral Program

The affiliate referral program is another opportunity to earn the money at the digistore24 affiliate program. It lets you recruit other affiliates for vendors. In return, you will get the specific commission of the sales generated by your referred affiliates. 

Requirement Of Affiliate Referral Program 

But here is a requirement for the affiliate referral program that is the vendor must activate the affiliate referral program. Once the vendor has activated it, you can join it.

How To Join The Digistore24 Affiliate Referral Program?

#1. Activate Referral Program By Vendors

You can invite the others affiliates for those vendors who activate their affiliate referral program. If the affiliate referral program is not activated by the vendor, you cannot recruit other affiliates.

How to check the activation Of vendors’ affiliate referral programs? To know about that, you just contact the vendor. 

#2. Join The Affiliate Referral Program Of Product

After knowing that the vendor has activated the affiliate referral program, Next, join it. 

Once you get approval, the vendor will provide you with your specific affiliate referral link.

At this step, promote your affiliate referral link to other affiliates to join the vendor affiliate program.

#5. Accepting the Invitation

When the affiliates accept your invitation,  promote the vendor’s product and generate sales. 
Once these affiliates drive sales for the vendor, you will receive the specific percentage commission by the vendor for all the sales.

Example Of Digistore24 Affiliate Referral Program

A vendor has an affiliate called “Mike”. The vendor wants more affiliates for a specific product and he activated the affiliate referral program.
Mike joins the affiliate referral program of the vendor and he gets the affiliate referral link. Now also he invites his friend called ” Emily “.
Emily is an affiliate too. Now Emily promotes the vendor’s product and generates sales. Emily will get the complete commission per sale. Also, Mike will get the affiliate referral commission and it deducts from vendor share. 

Pros and Cons of Digistore24 Affiliate Program

  • High Commission Per Sale
  • Effective Sales Tracking
  • Free & Easy to Sign-up
  • Instant approval of Account
  • Faster Payments
  • Minimum Payment Threshold ($50)
  • Comprehensive Analytics & statistics
  • Limited Products

Start your online journey with the Digistore24 Affiliate Program.

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