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Want to make money with Interserver Affiliate Program, let’s dig dive into it.

Interserver Affiliate Program Review

The Interserver Affiliate Program is an extremely good way to make money online. Many affiliates promote its Webhosting services and they earn thousands of dollars per month.
The affiliate program is added in high-paying affiliate programs. You can earn.
The Interserver Affiliate Program gives $100 per sale and tracks the cookies for 90 days which is very good.

Interserver Affiliate Program Review | Earn $100 Per Sale - ReaBSG

How To Join The Interserver Affiliate Program?

Without an affiliate account, you cannot earn money from any affiliate program. First of all, you have to signup at the platform. The following steps dictate to create your account on the affiliate program.

  1. Click here to navigate the Interserver affiliate Program main page.
  2. Then click on “Sign Up Now“.
  3. There you will see some forms that you have to complete.
  4. Finally, your account will be created and you will be accessed to the affiliate dashboard.


The Interserver Affiliate Program comes with dozens of responsive banners that you can show on your website very easily.
These banners have HTML codes, to show the banner on your website, copy the banner’s HTML code, paste it in the website’s or post’s HTML section. Finally, the banner will show on your website or post.
Once the user clicks on the banner, it will navigate to the Interserver website. And if he purchases the hosting service, you will earn the money.

How To Promote Interserver Hosting Services?

To generate the revenue, you have to refer the customers to purchase the hosting services.

There are a number of ways to promote the Interserver Webhosting services and offers including: 

1. Paid Advertisement

The paid advertisement is a great way to promote the services and products. So the same method you can use for Interserver. In the simplest sense, run effective ads on Google Ads and other ads platform that assists you to generate sales.

2. Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate blogging is the organic way to promote the Interserver hosting services and deals. But keep in mind that publishing high-quality content along with attractive banners.

3. Social Media Sharing

Another organic way to promote the Interserver hosting services is social sharing. As an Interserver affiliate, post the content with your affiliate link on your social media profiles and pages to drive sales.

4. Email Marketing

If you have built an email list, then run an effective email campaign to promote the hosting services.

5. LinkedIn

Not only that, you should use Linkedin to generate new sales for the Interserver Affiliate Program. You have to send messages to users to encourage and convince them to buy the hosting services. Also, post valuable content about Interserver on your profile and page.

But keep in mind that first focus on the relationship. If you focus on the sale, you will lose the both sale and the relationship. Although, if you focus on the relationship, you will win both relationship and sales. 

Interserver Affiliate Program Benefits

Here’s a list of major advantages of the Interserver Affiliate Program.

  • High Commission Per Sale ($100)
  • Long Duration Cookies Life (3 Months)
  • Run Special Deals and Offers
  • Useful Analytics Data
  • Faster Payments
  • Creative Tools for Affiliates
  • Custom Coupon Codes
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Reliable, Faster Hosting Services
  • Nothing is bad.

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How to get paid from the Interserve affiliate program?

There’re four steps to making money with the Interserve affiliate program.

  1. Signup at the platform.
  2. Get your affiliate link or use banners.
  3. Promote Webhosting services.
  4. Generating the sale.

After that, you will earn a decent commission from the Interserver affiliate program

How much money do you earn per sale?

$100 per sign-up.

How long does the Interserver affiliate program save the cookies?

90 days ( 3 Months).

Is the Interserver affiliate program easy to join?

yes, It’s very easy.

Now sign-up at the affiliate program and make money online.

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