A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review | Earn $140 Per Sale + $5 Per Lead

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A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

The A2 Hosting Affiliate Program is listed in high-paying affiliate programs. It gets you paid up to $140 per sale. in the simplest sense, if you generate one sale each month, you will make $ 1,120 in a year, that’s good. 

The cookie life is 90 days.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review  Earn $140 Per Sale + $5 Per Lead

The A2 Hosting affiliate program Tiered commission rates

  • 1-10 Sales per month:   —->>—->>  $85 per sale
  • 11-20 Sales per month:   —->>—->>  $100 per sale
  • 21-30 Sales per month:   —->>—->>  $120 per sale
  • 31+ Sales per month:   —->>—->>  $140 per sale

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How To Join The A2 Hosting Affiliate Program?

The following steps dictate to join the A2 Hosting affiliate program.

  1. Click this link, you’ll be taken to the A2 hosting affiliate program.
  2. Once you’re on the page, click on “Sign-up“.
  3. After that, you will see some forms, complete them.
  4. Once your account gets approved, you will be entered to the A2 Hosting affiliate dashboard.

How To Promote A2 Hosting Services?

To earn the money from the A2 Hosting affiliate program, you have to promote a2 hosting service. There’re plenty of ways to promote A2 Hosting. 

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review | Earn $140 Per Sale + $5 Per Lead
  • Google Ads: If it’s possible to spend money on boosting, then you should run ads on Google Ads.
  • Facebook Ads Manager: Also, the Facebook Ads Manager is another great way to market the A2 Hosting’s products.
  • Reviews And Comparison Blog Posts: The honest and unbaised reviews charm like stars, write the reviews of a2 hosting plans with much details. Also, compare this hosting platform with other web hosts (a2 hosting vs Bluehost, a2 hosting vs Hostgator, a2 hosting vs iPage, etc).
  • Publish Banners on Your Website: You should include the banners in your blog posts. Along with that, display them on left-sidebar or right sidebar.
  • Social Media: Never forget the social media platforms during promoting a2 hosting’s products. Join groups on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and post the content into them.
  • If you have an email list, then send them a weekly newsletter that incorportates details and affiliate links of products.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Advantages and Disadvantage

The affiliate program is full of pros and there’s one con. let’s take a look at it.

  • A lot of Products & Services to Promote
  • High Commission Per Sale ($85-$140)
  • 90 Days Cookie Life
  • Comprehensive Stats
  • Excellent Support
  • Creative Marketing Tools
  • Useful Dashboard
  • Cheap Pricing to Boost Conversion
  • Some Join Requests Decline.

Important: Some join requests decline due to not meeting the program’s criteria such as low-traffic website, low-quality content, etc.


How much money do you earn per sale from the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program?

$85-$140 per sale

How long does the A2 Hosting affiliate Program track the cookies?

90 days (3 Months)

How much money can you earn from the A2 Hosting affiliate program?

It depends on your quantity (how many sales you generate).  

Now it’s time to start your journey with the program to make a high amount of money.

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