How to Install the Facebook Pixel on Your Website? | Facebook Pixel Guides & Tutorials

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Want to better your Facebook ads by installing the Facebook Pixel? Let’s talk about that.

As you know Facebook is the largest social media platform which is used by more than 2.32 billion users and 1.56 billion active daily users.

Facebook comes with many features and tools that help you to well target your audience and the Facebook Pixel is one of them that use to target and retarget the audience through Facebook ads efficiently. 

I recommend that you must install the Facebook pixel code on your website because it helps you to retarget your audience and customers through Facebook ads.

What Is The Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is an amazing tool that saves the data of people who visited or came to your website from social media platforms. In the simplest sense, the Facebook Pixel is the code that you have to paste into the HTML code section of your website. then it will track the visitors’ data who come to your website via social media platforms.

How to Install the Facebook Pixel on the Website? | Facebook Pixel Guides & Tutorials

5 Benefits Of Facebook Pixel

For the following reasons, you should install the Facebook Pixel.

#1. Better Understanding Of Your Audience

If you installed the Facebook Pixel, then you can better understand and identify your audience. It will show you the all data related to your audience that you need. It also helps you to create better and well-targeted ads on Facebook.

#2. Relevant Engagement

You can target the previous audience and customers via Facebook Pixel because it’s collect the data of those who come to your website.

If you have installed the Facebook Pixel, next time you promote products and services on Facebook, you should target your Facebook Pixel ID that helps you to drive leads and sales.

#3. Creating A Retargeting Campaign

The Facebook pixel helps you to retarget the audience that visited your website. For instance, a person comes to your website and buys a product and you installed the Facebook pixel. After that when you want to advertise on Facebook, you can retarget him.

#4. Measurement

Without Facebook Pixel, you won’t be able to measure the actual efforts of your Facebook ads. The Facebook Pixel enables you the comprehensive analytics and statistical data that can help you more. So you should install the Facebook pixel code on your website. 

#5. Leads Generating

You can build a good list of leads via Facebook Pixel. For instance, if you offer a free item, You might run Facebook ads to reach the audience that may have interest in your offer. When someone visits your offer page and you installed the Facebook Pixel. It tracks all the users that visit your offer page. Thus, You can build a list of the leads. 

Why do You Need to Set Up Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel gives you important data which you can use for creating better ads. Better Facebook ads will get better results.

I recommend you install the Facebook Pixel code on your website even though you don’t need to run ads on Facebook.

So from starting you have to install the Facebook pixel, then it will collect the data which will help you in the future.

How To Install The Facebook Pixel?

Now you are going to learn how to install the Facebook pixel code on your website.
So you have to follow these steps to install the Facebook Pixel Code on your site.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the “ads manager” tool.
  • Hit the “Business tools
  • Next, click on “events manager“.
  • There you will see the data related to the Facebook Pixel. Click “Continue the pixel setup
  • There’re two options to install the Facebook pixel, which are “Manually add pixel code to website” and “Use Partner Integration“. If you can install it manually, click the first one. It will give you the pixel code that you have to copy.
  • Now you have to paste this code Into the website’s HTML section, just above the head tag.
  • Click the “continue“.
  • After that, it asks for your website URL, Enter your website main page URL. and check it.
  • Install an extension called “Facebook pixel helper
  • When you redirect to your website, Then click the “next” for all steps.
  • Finally, you will view that your Facebook pixel is activated.

Once you install it, you can target the people who come to your website through social media platforms and they have Facebook accounts.

How To Target The Facebook Pixel Audience?

How to Install the Facebook Pixel on the Website? | Facebook Pixel Guides & Tutorials

You can target the Facebook pixel audience through Facebook ads. 

  1. Post on your Facebook page that you want to promote.
  2. Click the “Boost Post“.
  3. Choose the conversion button.
  4. Setup the Budget and duration.
  5. Choose the placement that where you want to show your ads.
  6. Below the “Placement” you will see the Facebook Pixel ID, check your pixel ID and Turn on it.
  7. Finally, click the “confirm“, after that, your ads will be approved in 10 minutes.

How Many Kinds Of Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel comes two types which are the “Facebook Conversion Pixel” and “Facebook Custom Audience Pixel“.

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