How To Make Money With Digital Marketing Skills? | 8 Ways To Make Money Using Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is the best way to make money online and you can make a good income using your digital marketing skills. 

There I will share with you the 8 effective ways to make money through digital marketing skills.

How To Make Money With Digital Marketing?

 1. Content Writer

As a content writer, you have to plan and write the content for digital platforms such as blog posts, articles, video scriptwriting, and more. 

If you want to become a content writer, you have to learn a variety of skills including content writing, SEO skills, Keyword research skills, and analytics skills. You should also create your own blog site that publishes the blog posts and articles, Thus, you will improve your content writing skills. 

When you become a content writer, Then there’re more opportunities to make the money with content writing skills such as you can write blogs and articles for your business and also can sell your services to clients that help you to generate a significant amount of money.

  • How Much Money You Can Make As A Content Writer?

It depends on the country, job position, and more other elements. For instance, If you’re a content writer in a company, The estimated salary is $3,600/mo for a content writer. 

Also, if you’re a freelancer and you provide content writing services, you can charge them $0.12 – $0.60 per word that you write, But it depends on your content quality. 

By learning the important skills for content writing, you can become a content marketing specialist and the average salary of a content writer specialist is $80,000 in a year. 

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2. SEO Expert

SEO is the process that use to rank the website in search engines to get organic traffic. 
You have to learn that how search engines work, also tactics and methods relevant to ranking the website in search engines to become an SEO expert. Then you have to improve and boost your SEO skills. 
There’s much content available on the internet relevant to the SEO skill you can use to improve and develop your skill. 
You can use your SEO skill for your own brand, company, and business, and also you can offer your SEO services at the freelance marketplace to sell your services to others. 
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  • How Much Money You Can Make As A SEO Expert?

SEO is a very demanding skill that helps Nowadays. 

As an SEO expert, you can earn $40 – $140 per hour. Although, It depends on your location, experience level, and expertise.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Basically, affiliate marketing is the promoting of others’ services and products and in return, you will receive a commission when you generate the leads and sales for them. 
You’re just 4 steps away to make money from affiliate marketing, simply, you have to join the affiliate program or affiliate network, choose the best product and service that you want to promote, generate your affiliate link and promote the affiliate product and service. Finally, when you generate the lead and sale for the company, it will pay you per sale or lead that you have generated.

  • How Much Money Can You Make As An Affiliate?

It properly depends on how many leads and sales you have generated for the company. A potential affiliate marketer can make 7 figures from the affiliate marketing business easily.  

4. Publishing Ads

Once you become an expert in every skill of digital marketing, There’re many ways to monetize your skills. 

Another way to make money with digital marketing skills is by publishing ads. As a website owner, you can publish the other’s ads on your website. There’re many platforms available that you can use to monetize your website traffic such as Google Adsense,, propeller ads, Infolinks, pop ads, and more. 

To monetize your website traffic, you have to join the platform that allows you to publish the ads on your website, after getting approvals you will eligible to publish the ads. 

  • How Much Money Can You Make Through Publishing Ads On Your Website?

The ads publishing platforms have different methods for paying the publishers. The most common methods for publishing ads are the RPM (Revenue per Thousand Impression) and PPC (Pay Per Click). 

Many publishing websites pay you to average the $0.30 to $3 RPM. Keep in mind that it depends on the platform, content quality, location, and more other factors. 

5. Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you can earn a high amount of money. You have many works as a social media manager such as post writing, scheduling the posts, creating visual content, promoting your brand with ads, and responding to the comments and messages. 

  • How Much Money Can You Make As A Social Media Manager?

You can sell your services at the freelance marketplace for between $20 and $60 per hour, Although it depends on your experience level and marketplace. 

A social media manager’s average salary is $65,000. 

6. Sell Digital Products

As a digital marketer, you can sell your digital products such as ebooks, software, apps, and courses to earn a high amount of money. 
Simply, you have to create digital products and then sell them repeatedly. There’re many types of digital products such as ebooks, templates and themes, courses, and more. 

  • How Much Can You Make Selling Digital Products?

It depends on your products’ price.

7. Youtube Advertising Partner

Youtube allows you to make money with its partner program also called the youtube monetization program. Youtube has some requirements for monetizing youtube channels and that’re completing the 4000 hours watch time and having 1000 subscribers on the youtube channel. Although, YouTubers must follow the partner program’s guidelines.

After completing the requirements, next, you have to apply for the youtube partner program. It will review your channel. If your channel is eligible to publish the ads on your videos, then it will give you the approval.

Finally, your channel will be able to publish the ads on videos.

  • How Much Money Can You Make As A Youtube Partner?

A youtube partner can earn the $0.02 -$0.04 per ad view and $3 – $5 per 1000 views. 

8. Get A Digital Marketing Job

If you’re an expert in digital marketing, then you can get the digital marketing job. There’re many platforms where you can find digital marketing jobs such as AngelList, Glassdoor, Indeed, American Marketing Associaton, ZipRecruiter, WeWorkRemotely and etc.
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  • How Much Money Can You Make Doing A Digital Marketing Job?

You should keep in mind that the job salary is defended on your experience level, position, location, your work quality, and more other factors.

Here you can see the average salary of digital marketing jobs.

  • Digital Marketing Manager:   —->>—->>  $98,000
  • Digital Marketing export:   —->>—->>  $60,000
  • SEO Expert:   —->>—->>  $75,000
  • Affiliate Maketing Manager:   —->>—->>  $70,000
  • Content Marketing Manager:   —->>—->>  $80,000
  • Social Media Manager:   —->>—->>  $65,000

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