Social Media Marketing Guides And Tutorials For Beginners

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Are you looking for social media marketing guides and tutorials for beginners? This blog is for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a way to promote the services, products, and content of the company via Social media platforms.

For instance promoting, marketing, and advertising the products and services on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, etc.

SMM is very important because the covid-19 has stopped the small businesses. The owners of these businesses don’t know how to do social media marketing to drive leads and sales. 

But if you have learned social media marketing (SMM) skills, you can help them. For instance, there is a barbershop, his business is down due to the covid-19, you can promote his services on social media platforms to generate more sales for him, then they will pay you per customer.

Social Media Marketing Guides And Tutorials For Beginners

Purpose & Goal Of Social Media Marketing (SMM)  

Before promoting any services and products on social media platforms, select the goals and purposes of your social media marketing with the plan.
I think that maybe the purpose of your Social media marketing is brand awareness, increasing your influence, leads & sales, or website traffic.

  • Brand Awareness

If your purpose of social media marketing is brand awareness, publish the information and content about the brand on social media platforms.

  • Increasing Your Influence

You can build your influence through social media platforms because many people use social media websites and apps and they engage with content. 
To create and build your influence, make short-duration videos for social media platforms that help you to boost and improve your influence. 

  • Leads & Sales

Maybe your purpose is driving leads and sales, you can generate leads and sales for your and also others’ businesses. And in return, you get a specific commission from other businesses.

  • Website Traffic

Many brands and companies select their goals of SMM to drive potential customers into their websites. you can get website traffic from your social media profiles and pages. Share your website and blog URL on social media platforms along with the motivating words.

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