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Do you know what is uptime in web hosting? or what are the top uptime monitoring tools? We’ve covered your questions, so keep reading on.

When you looking for a reliable web host, you must be kept in mind a better website uptime which is one of the important features.

Uptime in web hosting is the amount of time that your website is available and accessible to users.

Your website uptime can make or break your website. To put it simply, if your website is accessible and reachable at any period of time, it will build your website’s reputation and generate passive income. By contrast, if your website goes down frequently, you will lose visitors, trust of customers, revenue, and search ranking. And once you lose the visitors, then it’s difficult to gain them again. That’s why uptime in web hosting is a very important feature.

Now let’s come to the real question what is uptime in web hosting? or what is website uptime?

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting & TOP 10 Uptime Monitoring Tools- RealBSG

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting?

Uptime in web hosting also called website uptime is the amount of time that a website is accessible, reachable, and running up online. Website Uptime is demonstrated in percentage such as 100%, 99.99%, 99.9%, or 99%.

For instance, if your hosting provider gives you 99% uptime, it meant your website will go down for 1% or 3.65 days over a year.

The better uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement) your website gets, the more profit and traffic will get.

What Is Website Downtime?

Downtime is the opposite term of uptime, it’s the amount of time that a website goes down and visitors cannot access and reach it. During the downtime of the website, an error shows to its visitors.

Popular Uptime in Web Hosting Service

I highly recommend you to go with a web host that provides uptime close to 100% uptime. Here’s the list and table of the popular uptime offered by web hosts.

  • 100% Uptime: Your will website will never go down but there is no such a web host that offer 100% uptime.
  • 99.999% Uptime (Five-nines): Your website will go down for 6 seconds/week, 26 seconds/month, or 5 minute 15 seconds per year.
  • 99.99% Uptime (Four-nines): The expected downtime is 8 seconds/day, 1 minute/week, 4 minutes 22 seconds/month, or 52 minutes 35 seconds per year.
  • 99.9% Uptime (Three-nines): Your site will experience downtime of 1 minute 26 seconds/day, 10 minutes 4 seconds/week, 43 minutes 49 seconds/month, or 8 hours 45 minutes 56 seconds/year.
  • 99.5% Uptime: Your website will be outage for 7 minutes 12 seconds/day, 50 minutes 42 seconds/month, or 3 hours 39 minutes 8 seconds/month.
  • 99% Uptime: The expected downtime is 14 minutes 24 seconds/day, 1 hour 40 minutes 48 seconds/week, or 7 hour 18 minutes 17 seonds/month.
99.999%0s6s26s1m 18s5m 15s
99.99%8s1m 0s4m 22s13m 8s52m 35s
99.9%1m 26s10m 4s43m 49s2h 11m 29s8h 45m 56s
99.5%7m 12 s50m 42s3h 39m 8s10h 57m 26s1d 19h 49m 44s
99%14m 24s1h 40m 48s7h 18m 17s21h 54m 52s3d 15h 39m 29s

What Problems do Will Occur If Your Website Uptime Is Lower?

Your website uptime has a great role in your website performance and reputation. That’s why you need to keep care of your website uptime and choose a reliable web host like Bluehost, InMotion Hosting, HostGator, Nexcess, etc.

In case your hosting provider comes with a lower uptime, then what problems will happen to your business website?

#1. Losing Traffic (Visitors)

To generate decent revenue from your website, you need decent traffic. In case your website experiences downtime regularly, you’ll lose the decent traffic that actually helps you to make income.

#2. Deranking In Search Results

Let’s say that your website is ranked on most keywords but it frequently goes down. And once search engines (Google) find out that your website is outage most of the time. Then, search engines will derank your website and will rank your competitors (your website SEO will affect).

#3. Losing Decent Revenue

Amazon lost an estimated $72.4 million to $99 million revenue when its website went down during Prime Day in 2018.

The same goes for your eCommerce store, if your hosting provider delivers you a lower uptime or your site goes down due to any reason, then it will cost you a little bit more.

For instance, if you have a camera eCommerce store and a customer wants to buy a camera from your store. But if your eCommerce store is closed at that moment, then you lose that sale and customer. And then your customer thinks twice about coming back to your website.

#4. Reduce Your Brand Reputation

The downtime of your website (which actually stops users to visit your site) will create a bad image in your audience’s mind that decreases your brand reputation.

Best 10 Uptime Monitoring Tools

As you know every web host claims a better uptime guarantee but you have to track and monitor it.

To measure the uptime of your website, I’ve listed popular tools which keep an eye on your site performance from different locations.

#1. UptimeRobot

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting? and Uptime Monitoring Tools
UptimeRobot, Uptime Monitoring Tool

UptimeRobot tracks 6,000,000 monitors from 1,500,000+ individuals and companies which is a very high number.

UptimeRobot is the uptime tracking tool that allows you to keep an eye on 50 monitors (sites) with 5-minute checks for free a year but if you want to measure more websites’ availability then you need to purchase a plan that starts at $7 per month.

The best part is that you’ll get alert notifications through email, SMS, phone call, Twitter (private SMS), etc when your website goes down which naturally happen to even the best brands. But knowing your website downtime is more important before it affects your visitors.

Free Plan: With the UptimeRobot free plan, you’re allowed 50 monitors with 5-minute checks. But SMS or phone call alerts aren’t included.

PRO Plan: The Pro plan includes all the features from the free plan plus 50 monitors with 1-minute checks, 20 SMS or voice call alerts, SSL certificate errors, and much more.

#2. ServiceUptime

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting? and Uptime Monitoring Tools
ServiceUptime, Uptime Monitoring Tool

ServiceUptime provides monitoring services since 2005 and is trusted by 3,00000 website owners. The platform assists you to protect your website from downtime as it alerts you through email and SMS within seconds.

I recommend you start your website monitoring with its 14-day free trial where no credit card is required.

ServiceUptime Start plan charges you $4.95/mo for the yearly billing cycle and lets you enjoy 3 monitors with 5-minute interval checks from global locations, and alert notifications (email and SMS).

#3. Site24x7

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting? and Uptime Monitoring Tools- RealBSG
Site24x7, Uptime Monitoring Tool

Site24x7 is an all-in-one monitoring solution that focuses on website monitoring, server monitoring, cloud monitoring, network monitoring, application performance, and real user monitoring. It is used by more than 30,000 customers throughout the globe.

The tool tracks uptime from several locations such as New Jersey, Singapore, Netherlands, etc.

In addition to its 30-day free trial, the basic plan costs you $9/mo which comes with 10 websites/servers, 1 advanced monitoring, 3 status pages, 50 SMS/voice credits per month, 110+ locations, and much more.

#4. Host-Tracker

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting? and Uptime Monitoring Tools- RealBSG
Host-tracker, Uptime Monitoring Tool

Host-Tracker is the website uptime and performance monitor tool that checks websites every single minute from 140+ locations. It has monitored 320950+ websites and sends an average of 15840 alert notifications to clients when occurring a problem with their sites.

The tool provides a 30-day free trial exclusively for you to test all its features and the price starts at $9.92 per month.

#5. SiteUptime

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting? and Uptime Monitoring Tools- RealBSG
SiteUptime, Uptime Monitoring Tool

SiteUptime is the uptime monitor tool that will check your website from 11 locations. It will notify you through email, SMS, or phone call when your website goes down.

Their free plan enables you 1 monitor, 30-minute checks, email alerts, uptime reports, public statistics page, 11 monitoring locations which are quite impressive.

#6. FreeSiteStatus

FreeSiteStatus platform aids you to keep track of your website performance and uptime to make sure your site is available for your customers.

This platform monitors your website 24/7/365 from 49 different stations and sends you an alert notification when your site faces downtime.

#7. StatusCake

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting? and Uptime Monitoring Tools- RealBSG
StatusCake, Uptime Monitoring Tool

STatusCake comes with the performance monitoring suite from uptime and domain to the server and SSL to page speed monitoring. This platform keeps track of your website performance from 28+ countries.

You can choose SMS, email, Twitter, Slack, Discord, Pushover, or PushBullet to get alert notifications when an issue happens to your website.

Its free plan supports 10 website uptime monitoring with 5-minute checks. The paid Superior plan offers 100 uptime monitors with the 1-minute test, page speed monitoring, domain monitoring, and server monitoring.

#8. FreshPing

What Is Uptime In Web Hosting? and Uptime Monitoring Tools- RealBSG
Freshping, Uptime Monitoring Tool

Freshping lets you run 50-websites availability checks with 1-minute intervals free of charge from 10 different global locations. It delivers you alert notifications through email and SMS. In addition, it allows you to embed 5 status pages on your web pages that showcase your website performance history.

#9. MonitorScout

MoniterScout runs checks for your website availability, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and more with 1-minute intervals from 25 geographical locations. Users gain alert notifications via SMS and email.

It shows your website performance (response time and uptime measurement) in graphs that are easy to understand.

#10. GotSiteMonitor

GotSiteMoniter keeps track of your website’s performance including uptime and SSL monitoring from 12 locations throughout 4 continents. When your website goes down, firstly, they’ll alert you via email, SMS, or phone call.


Here’re some frequently asked questions about what is uptime in web hosting.

  1. What is Uptime in Web Hosting? or What is Website Uptime?

    Website uptime or uptime in web hosting is the amount of time that your website is running up and users can access it. It is expressed in percentage i.e 99.999%, 99.99%, 99.5%, 99%.

  2. How To Measure Uptime of Your Website?

    To keep track of your website uptime, you have to use uptime monitoring tools like UptimeRobot, ServiceUptime, Site24x7, Host-Tracker, FreeSiteStatus, StatusCake, FreshPing, MonitorScout, SiteUptime, and GotSiteMoniter.
    Most uptime monitor tools offer you a free plan which is recommended if you just want to track your website uptime.

  3. What Is Website Downtime?

    Downtime is the amount of time when your website is inaccessible and unavailable to your audience and customers. It negatively affects your search ranking, revenue, brand reputation, etc.

  4. What are the Excellent Uptime Monitoring Tools?

    The best uptime monitoring tools are UptimeRobot, ServiceUptime, Site24x7, Host-Tracker, SiteUptime, FreeSiteStatus, StatusCake, FreshPing, MonitorScout, and GotSiteMoniter.


Your website uptime will make or break your website. That’s why you need to choose a reliable web host that gives your website super uptime like Bluehost (99.99% uptime), InMotion Hosting (99.99% uptime), Nexcess (99.99% uptime), HostGator (99.9% uptime).