Hostwinds Affiliate Program Review | Earn $135 Per Sale

Maybe you’re an affiliate marketer and want to receive huge commission per sale, so you need to look at high-paying affiliate programs and the Hostwinds affiliate program is one of them. Let’s talk about that.

Hostwinds Affiliate Program Review

You receive $65 – $135 per sale or newly qualified customer sign-up based on the performance-based from the Hostwinds affiliate program. And its cookies expire after the last 60 days of the clicks, that’s good.

Hostwinds Affiliate Program Review | Earn $135 Per Sale

The Hostwinds Affiliate Program Tiered Commission Rates

  • 1-6 Sales per month ————– $65 per sale
  • 7-12 Sales per month ————– $85 per sale
  • 13-19 Sales per month ————– $100 per sale
  • 19+ Sales per month ————– $135 per sale

How To Get Started with the Hostwinds Affiliate Program?

To extend your affiliate journey with the affiliate program, you have to sign up at the platform.

  • Click here to land on the Hostwinds Affiliate Program.
  • Scroll down and click on “Become An Affiliate“.
  • Next, displays some sign-up forms, complete them.
  • Finally, your account will be created and you will be be able to promote its products. 

Features of Hostwinds Affiliate Program

The Hostwinds affiliate program is one of the great affiliate programs that comes with many marketing features as listed below.

#1. Banners

A banner is a clickable image that you can display on your website and blog by pasting the HTML code. The same goes for the Hostwinds affiliate program. This means the program enables you to embed the HTML code of the banner on your website and blog to show the banner.

#2. Realtime Stats

It enables you useful analytics data including the sales, account balance, traffic, and performance of the promotion that you have done for the platform. Not only that, they track the sales, clicks, etc efficiently.

#3. Support

The affiliate program does not leave you alone, every time you need help or have a query, contact the affiliate support team, they will be glad to help you and answer your query. This means you’re part of their community and they provide you with good support.

How to Promote the Hostwinds’s Products to Increase the Number of Sales?

As you know that program pays only when you refer new customer, that’s why, you need to promote and market the Hostwinds’s products to increase the number of sales. The more sales you make for affiliate program, the better commission you’ll gain. That’s why, I’ve listed 5 proven ways of promoting the affiliate products.

#1. Google Adwords

Many affiliate experts suggest Google Adwords which is the best platform to generate successful sales quickly. So, you should run the ad campaign on Google Ads to achieve sales. Make sure that the web page (that you enter the URL of while you setting up the ad campaign), must have the quality content that convince the audience to make conversion.

For instance, the ad (that you run) drive clicks to your web page but your page doesn’t have the quality content and cannot convince the audeince, maybe you lose the potential audience that acutally intend to make purchases.

Hostwinds Affiliate Program Review | Earn $135 Per Sale

#2. Facebook Ads Manager

The popular social ad platform is Facebook Ads Manager to generate successful sales for the Hostwinds affiliate program. Keep care of some things while you setting up an ad through Facebook Ads Manager to include choose your objective, create dynamic ad, target the potential audience, set up the budget, and so. These things assist you to run successful ad.

#3. Reviews And Comparison Blog Posts

The writing of the reviews and comparison blog posts help you to maximize the revenue of your affiliate marketing. You can write the following blogs, for instance.

  • Hostwinds Shared Hosting Review
  • Hostwids Business and Reseller Hosting Review
  • Hostwinds VPS Review
  • Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Review
  • Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Review
  • How Install WordPress on Hostwinds?
  • Comparison Blogs (Hostwinds vs Hostinger, Hostwinds vs iPage, etc)
  • Hostwinds Best Deals and Offers

#4. Social Media Platforms

Here’s the list of tips and tricks to promote the Hostwinds’s products.

  • Post engaging content that grab the audience attention.
  • Add, images, hashtags, emojis, affiliate link with the social media content.
  • Post about the flash sales offers and deals
  • Provide the discount coupon or promo code
  • Generate leads via social media contest and giveaway
  • Make sure that the social media content is mobile-friendly.
  • Enable support for audience vith Facebook Messenger and native chat.

Hostwinds Affiliate Program Pros

  • High Commission ($65-$135 Per Sale)
  • Create Custom Coupon Code
  • 60 Days Cookie Duration
  • Creative Banners
  • Good Support
  • Expensive Pricing (Low Conversion Rate)

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