8 Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs and Projects to Earn the High Amount of Money

Earning a high amount of money is needed in this era. Therefore, I have listed 8 freelance digital marketing jobs and projects to earn the high amount of money. You can find these jobs on freelance platforms.

8 Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs And Projects.

Let’s talk about freelance digital marketing jobs and projects.

8 Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs and Projects to Earn the High Amount of Money

#1. Social Media Marketing

You have to make a good social media marketing strategy for the clients’ businesses and brands that can help them to boost brand awareness, generate new leads and sales, drive traffic to the business website, etc.
The social media platforms enable you to reach the target audiences that are most likely close to purchasing the services and products. This means that you can target the potential audience based on gender, location, age group, interest, devices, behavior, and more. 
As every business and brand needs a good presence on social media platforms, that’s why you can find a lot of jobs and projects of social media marketing on freelance websites.

#2. Content Writing

You have to learn all the skills of content writing including creative writing, copywriting, and scriptwriting for videos along with SEO skills.

Content creation is the writing of blogs, ebooks, articles, video scripts, book covers, social media posts, white papers, and newsletters.

Many jobs and projects are available on freelance websites of content writing that you can get. 

#3. Community Management

Most brands and companies consider the importance of building a strong and loyal community around their brands.
It’s managing a community, a group, or a channel and response to the comments and messages. Also removing the irrelevant comments and reviews.
You can find the relevant jobs and projects in the freelance marketplace and also can do it as a community manager.

#4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engines recommend the mix of paid marketing and SEO.
SEM is the process that uses to gain potential traffic to your website by paid advertisement.
Nowadays search engines especially Google and Bing have a very important role in our life. 
The brands look for search engine marketers to promote their services and products on search engines. If you’re a search engine marketer, you can help them to run paid advertisements on search engines to get them good results.

#5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process that helps you to optimize your content for search engines to show your content on top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) that helps you to build your website traffic.

8 Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs and Projects to Earn the High Amount of Money

Every website needs SEO strategies to develop and rank the business website. 

As an SEO specialist, you can help them by providing SEO services. In return, you will earn a high amount of money by providing SEO services as a freelancer. 

#6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting the products and services and generating qualified leads and sales for the brands. And in return, you will receive the specific commissions when you refer new leads or sales. 
Some brands post the projects of affiliate marketing in the freelance marketplace and most brands set up the online platform for the affiliate marketers to promote their services and products including Amazon, Clickbank, digistore24, and Webhosting affiliate programs. 
You can win this type of projects and jobs on the freelance website. Additionally, you can join the affiliate programs and affiliate networks directly.

#7. Emails Marketing

Email marketing jobs are available for digital marketers because most companies need to run email campaigns. They post their projects and jobs on freelance websites.

If you’re an email marketer, you can send the proposals to award their projects to you. 

There’re many emails tools on the internet that help you to write and customize your emails such as Mailchimp and constant contact. These email tools come with many templates and themes that help you to send emails to the audience effectively.

#8. Mobile Apps Marketing

The latest research shows that 5.6 billion people use the internet through mobile phones. That’s why most companies want to target their audiences through mobile apps marketing. Basically, they want to display ads to the audience. 
For instance, you are playing a video game, suddenly appears an image, it is the ads of a company. Once you click the image, you will redirect to the main website. It is called mobile apps marketing.
Thus, they post the jobs and projects on the freelancing website. As a digital marketer, you can help them in mobile apps marketing.

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