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Choosing a reliable web host with the best customer support is always a good decision. That’s why you should look for the best web hosting customer support.

Picture this, if your website is gone down due to a server issue, you try to fix the issue yourself but maybe you cannot, then you need the best web hosting customer support to fix your issue.

Let’s cover the basics of customer support.

What is Customer Support?

Customer support refers to a team of specialists of a company that aids customers in solving their product-specific problems, answering their queries related to the product, and using the product correctly. It’s all about solving product-specific customers’ problems and building a good relationship between a company and its customers.

Customer support differs from business to business and company to company. It basically depends on industry and business type.

What is Best Web Hosting Customer Support?

How to Evaluate Best Web Hosting Customer Support & Why You Need it - RealBSG

Customer support in the web hosting industry is a team of experts of a hosting company that assists customers in fixing their issues, providing solutions to their problems, and answering their questions. Also, they help customers in every aspect of web hosting services.

The best web hosting customer support representatives follow best practices like valuing clients’ time, quickly responding, fixing issues immediately, and delivering helpful information with a pleasant attitude like a friend.

Why Best Web Hosting Customer Support is So Important?

Like uptime and bandwidth, the best web hosting customer support plays a key role in your online business success.

You should go with a web host that comes with excellent customer support, the company’s experts will help you whenever you face an issue.

These points describe why you need the best web hosting customer support.

#1. Solving Your Problems

Some issues that your website encounters affect your website performance and SEO ranking. Therefore, you have to solve the problems as soon as possible but if you cannot solve them yourself, then reach out to the customer support team to fix issues.

#2. Installing New Tools

If you’re one of those that cannot install tools or CMS (Content Management Systems) yourself, then you just get in touch with the support team to install them for you.

As most beginners are non-techy, they need excellent customer support to install tools or CMS. Because the web hosting industry is a little bit complex and technical.

#3. Upgrading Your Hosting Plan

If your website resources are reached limits which result in going down your website frequently, then you need to upgrade your hosting plan.

If you’re a newbie, then maybe you cannot do it yourself. Hence, it’s recommended to contact the customer support staff to upgrade your hosting plan.

PRO TIP: Understand your website needs and then choose a web hosting plan that fulfills your website needs.

#4. Answering Your Questions

If you have any query in mind related to your web hosting plan or website, you can directly ask it from customer support humans. The customer support humans will try to do their best to answer your question.

In addition, if you need any type of help, you are just a few clicks away to share it with the support team and get help.

How to Consider the Best Web Hosting Customer Support?

Every web host claims 24 hours a day and 7 days a week customer support but this is your responsibility to check and test it before purchasing any hosting solution.

To measure the quality of customer support of any web host, monitor these 3 things.

#1. Contact Methods

It’s important to know how you can get in touch with customer support. Make sure the hosting company provides live chat, email, and ticket system support. Also, the phone support will be better.

  • Live Chat: This is the best option when you want to get in touch with the support team to fix the issue quickly.
  • Creating Tickets: Some problems take time to solve, that’s where the ticket system comes in handy.
  • Phone Call: If you want faster support, then phone support is the ideal option.
  • Social Channels: In addition, the web host should be active on popular social media platforms. To put it simply, they should respond to your messages and reply to your comments with helpful information.

#2. Response Time

Response Time: It’s the amount of time that how quickly the customer support agent replies to you for your help. The shorter the response time, the better will be.

To find out the actual response time of any web host, you have to reach out to the hosting support personnel and count the response time.

Make sure that the web hosting provider responds to your ticket within 24 hours. If they don’t, then it’s not recommended.

#3. Time of Providing Solution or Fixing the Problem

After the response, it’s crucial to know how long support experts take time to fix your issue. You should consider a web hosting company that solves your problems quickly.

Top 2 Hosting Providers with Top-notch Customer Support

Most hosting companies bold claim that they provide round-the-clock customer support but they actually do not. But only a few web hosts truly deliver the best and 24/7 customer support with a promptly problem-solving attitude.

I’ve experienced the customer support service of many hosting companies but I’ve found only two hosting companies that actually offer the best web hosting customer support.

#1. Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers only high-end hosting plans including dedicated server, VPS, cloud hosting, and eCommerce hosting.

Their hosting packages are a little bit expensive because they come with 24/7/365 and the most helpful human support.

They initially respond to you within 59 seconds via phone call and live chat and 59 minutes through the helpdesk.

Why You Need The Best Web Hosting Customer Support?

#2. Nexcess

Nexcess is the sister brand of Liquid Web which focuses on fully managed hosting plans such as WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce hosting, and much more.

The hosting company helps you through live chat, phone, and ticket system. I reached them several times.

Here you can see my previous conversation with its support team.

Nexcess Hosting Review: Is It Fully Managed Hosting Provider? - RealBSG
Nexcess Hosting Review: Is It Fully Managed Hosting Provider? - RealBSG

Please read our Nexcess hosting review that actually describes how helpful its customer support is.

If you want to use Nexcess hosting for free, here’s a risk-free 14-day free trial for you.

If you want to purchase a hosting plan from Nexcess, then apply the 30OFF3MO coupon code to get a 30% discount for the first 3 months.


The best web hosting customer support has a very important role in your business success.

I recommend you consider a web host that provides quality customer support.

The customer support team must be capable to solve your problems. The customer support representatives must be knowledgeable.

By contrast, if they aren’t knowledgeable, then you’ll face many problems.

The top 2 web hosting companies that offer truly round-the-clock and quality customer support are Liquid Web and Nexcess.