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Do you want to promote your services and products via email marketing?, Do you look for the best email marketing tool?, Do you want to build an email list? – So you’re in the right place.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the type of digital marketing that is used for promoting products, services, content, offers, events, and so on through direct messaging. Along with that, it lets you boost brand awareness. drive traffic to the websites, engage the audience, nurture the customers, and generate revenue. For the purpose of email marketing, you need to use an email marketing tool that suits your business requirements and needs. There are plenty of email marketing tools that can be used for email marketing services such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp and etc but Constant Contact is the reliable tool. Let’s talk about that.

About Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a popular email marketing platform that is used worldwide due to easy to use interface, 2 months free trial, and many other helpful features.  In addition, Constant Constant offers website building, boosting brand awareness on social media, creating eCommerce stores, and generating leads and sales through Google Ads services.

Why Constant Contact is Best for you?

As you know that a lot of email marketing tools are available, so why you should go with Constant Contact?

  • Constant Contact Free Trial

Constant Contact offers a 2-month free trial for new users and this is the long period free trial that doesn’t offer any other email marketing tool. New users can take advantage of basic features for free and for additional features, they need to upgrade, which lets them use all features of Constant Contact. Therefore, if you are new to email marketing, then you should take advantage of the free trial. Otherwise, you should use the paid version to exclusively send emails to your audience and customers.

  • Easy to Use Interface

Constant Contact is easy to use email marketing platform even beginners can use it.

  • Beautiful Templates and Themes

Constant Contact comes with hundreds of themes and templates that you can design and edit for your email campaign. Just drag & drop the elements and put your business message that you want to deliver to your audience and customers.

  • Responsive Sign-Up Forms

The sign-up forms are the best way to gather email addresses, therefore you need to create the sign-up forms and display them on your website. Also, they must look good on desktop, mobile, and tablet. With Constant Contact, you can create responsive sign-up forms, copy the sign-up form code, and embed it on your website. Finally, the sign-up forms will display on your website.

  • Real-Time Results

Constant comes with tracking real-time results of your email campaign. You can view the following details of your email campaign in real-time.

  1. Number of send emails
  2. Open rate
  3. Click rate
  4. Bounce rate
  5. Number of sharing the email
  6. Number of emails reported as spam

14 Powerful Ways to Build Email List with Constant Contact

First things first. You need to build an email list of your audience and customers that are interested in your business’s products, services, events, offers & discounts, and exclusive content.
However, Constant Contact is the permission-based platform that lets you connect with those that perform certain actions on your website.
Here’s a list of 14 ways to build an email list using Constant Contact.

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1. Sign-up Form on your Website

Collecting emails addresses through the sign-up form on the website is the most efficient way. Make sure that the signup form is easy to fill up. They provide the “Constant Contact Forms plugin” for the WordPress websites for creating the sign-up forms.

2. Collecting Email Addresses while users join an Event

If your brand presents the events and people signup for the event. There you can also ask for their email addresses to receive useful emails.

3. Collecting Email Addresses at Industry Tradeshows

Also, ask for email addresses from the attendees at the conference or tradeshow.  

4. Collecting Email Addresses from Freinds, Family members, and Colleagues

In starting, you should collect email addresses from friends, family members, and colleagues. They help you to increase the number of email addresses and also take feedbacks from them to improve your services, products, and content. If you would like, take the help of them to spread the word about your business. Once they spread the word about your business, new users will come to your business website, and if they are interested, they will sign-up to get exclusive emails.

5. Offer Valuable Downloadable Files

Another way to build an email list is by providing free valuable downloadable files.  You should offer the free valuable downloadable files that users need and want.  Once the users want to download that files, ask for their email addresses and then send the files to their email addresses. Thus you will get a number of email addresses of the interested users.

6. Face-To-Face Meeting

You can ask for email addresses from relevant industry people while you meet them face-to-face. There is a high chance that they provide their email addresses to you.

7. Sign-up using Mobile Phones

When you build an email list, don’t ignore mobile phones. You should make the sign-up process easy for customers and audiences to easily sign-up using mobile phones.  Constant Contact’s Text-to-Join tool allows you to gather email addresses when users send text messages to your business.  

8. Collect Email Addresses with the Help of Membership Forms

If your brand offers membership forms, then you should ask for email addresses while the users sign-up for membership forms.  Keep in mind that you have to encourage and convince them to insert the email addresses to join your mailing list.

9. Lead Generation Landing Page on your Social Media Pages and Profiles

You can create lead generation landing pages that allow users to sign-up for your email list. After creating the lead generation landing pages, you have to add the landing pages’ URLs to your social media pages and profiles. Next, you have to motivate your followers and fans to join your email list. Thus you will build the email list for your blog and website.  

10. Facebook Lead Generation Ads

You can collect email addresses by running the Facebook lead generation ads. You have to drive the users to email sign-up forms when you running Facebook lead generation ads. 

11. Quality Content and Exclusive Offers

To grab audience’ and customers’ attention and get email addresses, you have to publish quality content and exclusive offers on your website that they cannot find anywhere else. Then the audience will join your mailing list. 

12. Pop-up Ad for each Page of your Website

You should display the pop-ups on your website’s pages that let the users join your mailing list.  You can use many types of pop-ups such as timed pop-ups and exit pop-ups. The timed pop-up is the ad that appears when users spend a certain amount of time.  The exit pop-up appears when users want to leave your website.

13. CTA (Email Signup) Value

You have to demonstrate the purpose of your CTA (Call-to-Action) and sign up form. You should use the words that give value to the users such as: “Download the file”, “Exclusive deals”, and “Access”. So the audience will trust your brand and also will enter their email addresses to get these things.

14. Email Sign-Up CTA on “About Us” Page

However, you have to set up an email subscription button on the “about us” page, because when the users visit the about us page, probably they are interested in your services, products, content, etc. 

Once you follow the above techniques, you will collect a ton of email addresses. 

If you have any suggestions, please share them with us in the comment section. 

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