Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – RealBSG

Are you an affiliate marketing beginner? This blog is for you.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the great way to make money online by driving clicks, leads, and sales via your unique links (affiliate links).

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - RealBSG

Affiliate Marketing Pros

#1. Free Signup

You can sign up for free at any affiliate program or network.

#2. Minimal Investment

You need to create your own website for promoting the products and services. It meant you need a custom domain and web hosting for your website, that cost you just have to pay.

#3. Easy To Start

A number of bloggers monetize their blogs with affiliate marketing because it’s easy to start.

4. Already Made Material 

Most affiliate programs provide the already made materials that affiliates can use for free to include banners, widgets, screenshots, logos.

#5. Million-Dollar Bussiness

By starting affiliate marketing, you can build the Million of dollar business.  Keep in mind that it depends on your quality and quantity. Super affiliates earn millions of dollars in the year.

#6. Earn While Learn

Affiliate marketing enables you to earn while learning. Thus, you will learn and earn both simultaneously.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

It depends on the affiliate programs (what they want that customers should do). Every affiliate program has a rewards type but the most common reward types are listed below.

#1. Pay-Per-Sale

When the customer purchased the product and service through your affiliate link, the affiliate program pays you the specific commission per sale that you generate. Most affiliate programs use this reward type.

#2. Pay-Per-Click

In this type of reward, you have to redirect the audience to the seller’s website (a sale is made or not ), the program will pay you.

#3. Pay-Per-Lead

This reward type gets you the commission when the audience fills out the contact form.