Top 11 Best Webhosting Affiliate Programs | High Paying Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn the commission. it enables you to boost other’s products and services to refer new sales. After generating the sales, they will give you the commission. 

Many web hosts provide affiliate programs. You can make passive income through these web hosting affiliate programs. They give a high commission per sale. 

Let’s get started without further ado.

Top 11 Best Webhosting Affiliate Programs

The following affiliate programs pay you the high amount of money per new sale.

Top 11 Best Webhosting Affiliate Programs | High Paying Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Let’s dig dive into it.

1. WP Engine Affiliate Program

The WP Engine is the company that provides WordPress hosting and WordPress themes. Its affiliate program gives $200 per sale and tracks the cookies for 180 days(6 Months).

  • Commission: —>>—>> $200/sale 
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>>  180 days

2. Bluehost Affiliate Program

The Bluehost lets you enjoy the affiliate program which is one of the best.
As a Bluehost affiliate, you earn $65 per qualified sign-up. The cookies expire after 90 days and 120 days in the CJ affiliate network. 
The Bluehost has a great brand name, low pricing for new customers, amazing features, and so on. So it’s a great affiliate program for you along with the good conversion.

  • Commission: —>>—>>  $65/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 90 – 120 days

3. DreamHost Affiliate Program

With the DreamHost Affiliate Program, you receive $97-$150 per sale or newly qualified customer sign-up that you refer. The cookies expire after 90 days after the click date.

  • Commission: —>>—>> $97-$150/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 90 days.

4. Interserver Affiliate Program

As we talking about the high commission Webhosting affiliate program, the Interserver affiliate program is one of them.

The Interserver affiliate program gives you $100 per sale along with tracking the cookies for 3 months.

  • Commission: —>>—>> $100/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 90 days

5. Hostwinds Affiliate Program

Hostwinds is another Webhosting company that provides its affiliate program. They pay you up to $135 per new customer sign-up. The cookie duration is 2 months.

  • Commission: —>>—>> $135
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 60 days

6. HostGator Affiliate Program

This HostGator Affiliate Program delivers you the $65-$125 per referring new customer and the cookie life is 60 days. 

  • Commission: —>>—>> $65-$125/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 60 days

7. Hostinger Affiliate Program

The Hostinger is another leading web hosting company that provides the opportunity to promote its Webhosting services and in return, you will receive the commission per sale that you generate. 
The Hostinger affiliate program pays the 60% commission per sale. The commission type is a single payment, not recurring. The cookie’s life is 30 days. 
The program minimum payment threshold is $50 and payment options are wire transfer and PayPal.

Its affiliate program is available in multiple affiliate networks including the tube, Impact, and CJ affiliate networks.

  • Commission: —>>—>> 60%
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 30 days

8. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

As an a2 hosting affiliate, You gain $85-$140 per sale based on the tiered commission. Its cookies length is 90 days.

  • Commission: —>>—>> $85-$140/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 90 days

9. Ipage Affiliate Program

Once you refer the new customers to the iPage Webhosting and they have made the purchase, you will earn $105 per customer. Their cookies expire after 3 months.

  • Commission: —>>—>> $105/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 90 days

10. CloudWays Affiliate Program

The Cloudways affiliate program gives its affiliates $50-$125 per sale. The cookies duration is 90 days. 

  • Commission: —>>—>> $50-$125/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 90 days

11. Accu Webhosting Affiliate Program

With this affiliate program, you get paid for every referral whether it makes a purchase or not.

You can earn up to $200/sale. In addition, you will get a reward for every visitor you send to Accu Webhosting via your unique affiliate link.

The program comes with unlimited cash-earning potential, easy to use dashboard, marketing materials (banners, text ads, email links), and robust tracking. 

  • Commission: —>>—>> $25-$200/sale
  • Cookies Duration: —>>—>> 90 days 

I highly recommend you to sign-up for these affiliate programs and earn the commission as you wish.

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