Youtube Marketing Guides And Tutorials For Beginners

 Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms which is used by more than 2 billion users. Youtube is the video-sharing platform where people upload and watch videos. 

Youtube is a google-owned company. Youtube is also the 2nd search engine that most visited platform after google. 

When you create the videos and content for youtube, you complete the youtube monetization policies,  then you will eligible to earn money from youtube. 

The latest research shows the 500 hours of videos content is uploading per minute to the youtube platform.

PRO TIP: If you cannot rank your website on google and others search engines, You can rank your videos on google, Because google shows the youtube videos in search results.

In this article, I will give the tips and tricks about youtube marketing, optimizing your videos for SEO (Search engine optimization), and how to promote your channel and video to get more subscribers and views.

How To Optimize Your Youtube Channel & Videos For SEO?

As you know that the youtube is the 2nd largest search engine that most visited website after google. On the youtube platform you have to create quality content videos, but keep in mind that quality content is not only the factor of success in youtube marketing. You have to optimize your channel and videos for SEO (Search engine optimization). 
You have to follow these steps to optimize your youtube channel and videos.
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1. Create Youtube Channel

The first thing in youtube marketing is creating your channel. create your youtube channel and it’s very simple and easy too.  

Then go to the setting, set up the channel settings, and enter information related to your channel. Also, add the “about/ Description” of your channel and add tags too. 

In addition, create the logo and channel art for your youtube channel. If you cannot create the logo and channel art, then go to the freelance marketplace, post your project, award your project to the freelancer, and finally give the information to the freelancer related to your logo and channel art as you want.

2. Upload Relevant Content

After creating a youtube channel, you have to create videos, and those videos must be relevant too. Always upload the videos related to your channel category. 
You can edit your videos in many software ( Filmora, Camtasia studio, adobe premiere pro, Kine master, adobe after Effects …), and you can also edit your videos online ( too.

3. Demand Content

Make sure that the content of the video you create is already in demand. 
Make videos about trending topics relevant to your industry and niche because these types of videos get a high number of viewers. after getting the high numbers of viewers on videos, then your channel will grow automatically. then people will subscribe and watch your videos.

4. Keyword Research For Youtube Videos

Nowadays the keyword research is extremely important on every digital channel. So you have to do keyword research for your videos. Research about what most of the users and viewers search for relevant to your’s topic?  

Many websites provide you the keyword research tool. for instance SEMRush keyword tool, Google keyword planner, Ahrefs keyword research tool, Moz keyword research tool, and more.

You have to target the low competition and long-tail keywords to rank your videos in search results.

After keyword research use the main keyword and also relevant keywords in your title, description, and tags too. Use your keyword in the description without keyword stuffing. 

Although, you have to use your main keyword in the first tag and also add similar tags to your videos. then youtube will know about your videos.

  • Title

As you know that the viewers first read your title and they look that can your video solve their problem and answer their question. 

If your title is clear and good, then the viewers click on your videos. A good title is very important for CTR (Click Through Rate). 

In a good title include the main keyword, and keep your title almost the 60 characters because more than the 60 characters don’t show in the search results. 

  • Tags

The tags help you to associate your video with similar videos. In the first tag use your main keyword and then use the relevant and common keywords in others. 

  • Description

At the begging of the description, you have to include the important links and the CTAs (Call To Actions), Because youtube first shows only 2-3 lines of description.

Additionally, add your social media links, hashtags, video-specific time stamps, video credits, and more.  

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 Youtube Logo – RealBSG

5. Attractive Thumbnail

A thumbnail is the first image that viewers see on your video. The latest statistics show that 90% of best-performing videos on youtube have custom thumbnails. 
When you upload the video on youtube, it automatically creates the thumbnails, But I suggest that use the custom thumbnail. 
For good CTR(Click Through Rate), you have to create a good and attractive thumbnail. 
You can create the thumbnail in offline software  (adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator and etc), and also you can create your thumbnail on online tools ( too.
The youtube recommends the 1280 × 720 pixels size for a thumbnail. 

6. Category

Now you have to manage your videos under a category, It helps you to show your videos with similar videos. 

7. VidIQ

VidIQ is the software that uses for youtube marketing. You should use this widget to improve your videos’ SEO. It gives you a good suggestion to rank your videos, when you rank your videos then you will get many viewers. For Installing the video Extention, go to The vidIQ website and install it.

8. Tube Buddy

TubeBuddy is an extension that suggests and recommends good tags for your videos. For adding this Extention, go to the tube buddy website and install it.

9. Identify Your Audience

You have to identify your audience, For Knowing your audience go to your channel analytics, Where you will see your audience information(Age, Location, demographics, and more). 
The next time when you create the content and campaign, then remember them in your mind.

10. Voice Indexing

Use your main keyword in your videos as the voice because youtube index the voice. You can search on youtube with voice. 

11. Add Title, Tags, Star Rating, Comments, Subtitles To Your Videos On Desktop And Laptop.

Before Uploading the video add title, tags, star rating, comments, subtitles to Your video on your Desktop and Laptop. 
After adding these things to your videos, then youtube intelligence will rank your videos because youtube intelligence read them.
How To Add Title, Tags, Star Rating, Comments, Subtitles To Videos On Desktop And Laptop?
  1. Click on your video on your laptop and desktop.
  2. Next, click the right button on your mouse.
  3. Then click the “Properties”.
  4. After that, click the “details”.
  5. There you will see this page and then enter your video information.
How to add title, tags, star rating, comments, subtitles to videos on Desktop and Laptop?
Add title, tags, star rating, comments, subtitles to videos on Desktop and Laptop? – RealBSG

12. Live Streams

The live stream is the best way to get more watch time and viewers that’re very important for youtube monetization. However, when you are creating the live streams, youtube suggests and recommends your live streams to relevant users.

13. Subtitles

Add subtitles to your videos because it’s one of the video ranking factors. Keep in mind that the subtitle just does not help the viewers, It is also another oppurtunity to optimize your youtube videos for search engine optimization, and use the keywords. 

14. Cards And End Screens

Card and end screen is a small rectangular notification that shows at the top right corner. You can add the 5 cards per video. Always use the cards and end screens because they encourage the viewers to watch more. 

15. Playlists

The playlist is basically the collection of videos about a specific topic. 
In the playlist, you can add your and also other’s videos. It helps you to optimize your channel and it’s interesting that playlists show in search results separately. 

16, Monetize Youtube Channel

For monetizing the youtube channel, youtube has policies that’re the completing of 1000 subscribers and getting 4000 hours of watch time. when you complete them then apply for the youtube partner program and monetize your youtube channel.
Youtube Marketing strategies: Full guides and tutorials for beginners 2021 - realBSG |  Youtube Marketing | affiliate youtube marketing | youtube marketing service | youtube marketing services | youtube marketing videos | youtube marketing strategy| youtube marketing video| youtube marketing strategies |
 Youtube Marketing: Full guides and tutorials for beginners 2021 | realBSG

Types Of Youtube Videos To Create

Many creators different types of videos create for youtube and each one has a different purpose. 

There I will give you information about the following videos types to create for youtube.  

1. Customer Testimonials Videos

In the customer testimonials videos, you interview the satisfied customers about the products and services. 
So, You can create and build the company and product credibility through the customer testimonials videos. 

2. Products Demonstration Videos

In this type of video, you give information about the benefits of the product and how to use the product properly. By creating this type of video, you can generate the lead and sales. 

3. Tutorial And Guide Videos

In the tutorial and guide videos, you explain and give information about something, answers the questions, and solve the problems. 

4. Project Reviews And Case Studies Videos

You can give the information about the recap successful campaign and project with statistical data and results. 

5. Youtube Live Streams

In Live stream video, you can share the unfiltered content with viewers and users. The users very engage with it because in the realtime they can interact with the creator. 

6. Video Blogs

Many people like the visual content (videos).  In videos blogs, the creator summarizes the blogs and highlights the important points. 

7. Event Videos

Also, you can share the event videos. In the event videos, A person shares the experience at a conference. 

8. Travel Videos

On the youtube platform, you can create travel videos and most of the viewers watch them. I especially like the travel videos. 

How To Promote Youtube Channel And Videos?

After creating the youtube channel and videos, now it’s time to promote your channel and videos. 
There I will share with you 6 powerful tips and tricks that help you to promote your channel and videos. 

1. Social Media Marketing

As a first step, you have to share your channel and videos on social media platforms it helps you to get more viewers and subscribers. 
Keep in mind that just sharing your video on social media is not enough, you must implement a good marketing strategy for it. For example, Consider that why you create this video, maybe you create this video to solve the users’ problems, Then share this information with the audience. 

2. Blog Posts And Website

In addition, promote your videos and channel on your website and blog posts. You can embed the videos in relevant blog posts. 
An effective way of embedding the video, copy the video embed code and paste it into your blog post’s HTML section. Also, you can send traffic to your channel and videos. 

3. Emails

However, share your videos and channel with your email list and convey them to watch your embedded videos in the blog posts. Thus, you will get blog posts and video views.

4. Q&A Sites

Many websites are available on the internet where users ask questions and some of the users answer their questions like Quora and more. For instance, your video can solve a problem and answer the question, write the answer to a question relevant to the video and paste your video link in it. 

5. Collaborate With Others

I recommend that collaborate with other creators and companies, It’s an effective way to share your audience with each other. Although, you can also create playlists that include your’s and your partner’s videos.

6. Engaging With Viewers

Always interact with your users and viewers for instance replies to comments and answers to their questions, and thanks for their support. 

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