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Wondering about how to register a .COM domain for only $0.98 for an entire year? which is the very cheapest price in the market. Then you have come to the right place.

Namecheap offers RealBSG users a special discount deal for registering a custom .COM domain for just $0.98/year for the first year without purchasing any hosting plan. And this deal applies to a 2-year domain registration period. In the simple term, you need to pay $15.32 for 2-year domain registration.

You cannot get a special deal like this anywhere else at the moment.

To grab the deal, all you have to do is click on the below button to visit the deal page, search for your desired domain name and apply the 98DOTCOM coupon code when you checkout.

This special deal is offered by Namecheap, a well-known ICANN domain registrar in the market. The domain registrar started its journey in 2000 and now manages more than 8 million domain names which is the very highest number. In addition, the company focuses on different types of hosting from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Its low pricing makes it one of the best domain registrars and hosting providers.

First things first. Let’s talk about what is a domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

The address of your website that users enter in the browser search box to visit your website is called a domain name. For instance, our domain name is

The domain names were invented because they’re easy to memorize. Also, they’re the best option for businesses to choose the desired addresses because they can have alphabets and numbers.

Currently and totally, the available domain registrations are 367.3 million.

According to the IANA database, there’re 1,589 domain extensions (TLDs) like .COM, .Net, .ORG, .HEALTH, etc.

The .COM domains are top-notch that are registered by most people. Because .COM domain ( was the first domain that was registered on the internet.

What is a .COM Domain Name?

The .COM extension domains are top-level domains with a 52.3% global market share. The COM word either is taken from commercial or company. Now anyone can register the top-level domains for the cheapest price as low as $0.98/year.

The first domain was a .com ( which was registered on March 15, 1985.

According to WPbeginner, an average of 56500+ .COM domains were purchased daily in 2020.

Also, the WPbeginner recommends sticking with .COM domains because most users have kept in mind it and mobile keyboards have a pre-built key of .COM.

Let’s register a custom .COM domain for the cheapest price.

How to Register a .COM Domain for $0.98?

How to Register a .COM Domain for Less than $1 Without Hosting – RealBSG

You can register a custom .COM domain for $0.98 for the first year with 2-year domain registrations at Namecheap. You should keep in mind that you need to register the .COM domain for at least 2-year.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to registering a .COM domain for the cheapest price.

Step #1. Special Link and Page

In the first step, you have to click on the below button (EXCLUSIVE LINK) to visit the deal page.

By clicking on that, you’ll be directed to the following webpage.

How to Register a .COM Domain for Less than $1 Without Hosting
Get .COM Domain for $0.98

Step #2. Search For Domain

Enter your desired domain name that you want to register.

If your desired domain is available, then click on the ‘Cart‘ icon to register it even if you don’t launch your business now. If it’s not, try for another domain name.

How to Register a .COM Domain for Less than $1 Without Hosting?
Search for favorite .COM Domain

Step #3. Create Your Account

After you’ve clicked on the ‘Cart‘ icon, you’ll visit the page that allows you to set up the order.

How to Register a .COM Domain for Less than $1 Without Hosting?
SetUp Your Domain Registration Order

There you have to apply the 98DOTCOM coupon code on the right-hand side ‘Promo Code’ section. But once you enter the coupon code, it will show you a notification that asks you to login or create a free account before applying the coupon code.

How to Register a .COM Domain for Less than $1 Without Hosting?

Quick Note: This best Namecheap deal is valid only for new customers.

As you’re a new customer, then click on ‘create a free account‘. There will open a new page that will ask for your username, password, and email. So add these details to create your account.

Once you’ve created your account, it will back to the order page where you can set up the registration period and add extras.

Step #4. Apply Coupon Code

Quick Note: This offer and coupon code are valid for 2-year domain registration. To put it simply, you have to pay for 2-year domain registration with this deal, the 1st year cost will be just $0.98 and the 2nd year cost will be $14.16.

As you can see the 2-year domain registration cost is $28.32 without applying a coupon code.

But once you apply the 98DOTCOM coupon code on the right sidebar, the price will be reduced to $15.32 for 2 years.

  • 1st Year Cost: $0.98 for domain and $0.18 for ICANN fee
  • 2nd Year Cost: $13.98 for domain and $0.18 for ICANN fee
How to Register a .COM Domain for Less than $1 Without Hosting?
98DOTCOM Coupon Code Applied

Now click on the ‘Confirm Order‘ button.

They’ll again ask you to create your account. You just have to enter the account details again.

Step #5. Enter Payement Details

Finally, you have to pay to register your favorite .COM domain with getting 2-year discount.

Namecheap accepts PayPal, Visa Card, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. In addition, it accepts Cryptocurrency payments.

Why Register a .COM Domain for $0.98 at Namecheap?

Namecheap is one of the best domain registrars that I recommend. If you’re one of those that looking for the cheapest price for getting a .COM domain name, then this offer is a giant discount for you.

Do you why we recommend registering a .COM domain for $0.98 for the first year? take a look to these reasons.

#1. Cheapest Price for Top-level Domain

Registering a .COM domain name for less than 1 dollar for the first year is a very great deal. I think You cannot get your favorite .COM domain for that price anywhere else.

Godaddy is another popular domain registrar that offers a .COM domain for $0.01 for the first year but it will cost you $19.99 for the 2nd year (which is required).

If compare both deals, Namecheap is the winner because it will cost you a total of $15.32 (with ICANN fee) for a .COM for 2 years. By contrast, Godaddy will charge you a total of $20 for getting a .COM domain for 2 years.

The following table compares the best deal of Namecheap and Godaddy.

Domain RegistrarNamecheapGodaddy
1st Year Cost$0.98‪$0.01
2nd Year Cost$13.98‪$19.99
Total Cost of 2 Years$14.96$20.00

#2. 24/7 Customer Support

Namecheap experts are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help customers. The users and customers can contact them via live chat and ticket system. In addition, they provide a huge knowledge base that contains how-to-guides, tutorials, videos, etc.

#3. Superior Security

Your domain name security is very important, that’s why Namecheap provides the following security features.

  • 2-Factor Authentication: The customers’ accounts are covered by 2-factor authentication. The 2-factor authentication means that even if you enter the correct credential details to login into your account, they’ll send you a verification code to your verified phone number or email. Then, you have to type the verification code to successfully enter into your account dashboard.
  • Free Privacy Protection: Other domain registrars cost you $15 for privacy protection as an extra paid add-on. But fortunately, Namecheap includes it for free with any domain name.
  • Free DNSSEC Security: It keeps safe your website visitors from fraudulent activities.

#4. Free 2-Month Email Trial

Your business email like [email protected] or [email protected] delivers branding feels. And Namecheap aids you with that by offering a 2-month free trial of the business email address.

#5. Ease Of Use

As Namecheap is the top domain registrar, they also focus on simplicity to make it easier for beginners to manage their accounts. The account dashboard is easy to use even for non-techy users.

Why Avoid Getting a .COM Domain for $0.98?

As you know that everything has good and bad. I’ve identified a downside about this deal that maybe you don’t like.

#1. Required 2-Year Domain Registration

To grab this deal and get a .COM domain for a few cents, you need to purchase a .COM domain for 2-year. Totally, it will cost you $15.32 for 2-year registration which is still even cheaper than Godaddy.

Also, I’ve two other best deals for you from Namecheap.

1st Best Deal: If you just want to register a .COM domain for a single year with a huge discount, then getting a .COM for just $5.98 is the best deal for you. This deal isn’t required a 2-year domain registration. To get a .COM domain for $5.98, click on the below special button, search for your favorite domain and apply the NEWCOM598 coupon code while you checkout.

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2nd Best Deal: If you need a domain and hosting plan to publish your website, then purchasing a shared hosting plan from Namecheap is the perfect option. Because Namecheap shared hosting plans include one-year free domain name (including .COM), free SSL, and more industry-standard features.

I recommend you to grab one of these best deals that fit your budget and needs.

Pros and Cons

  • Cheapest Price in Market
  • Advance Security
  • Admirable Customer Support
  • 2-Month Free Trial of Email
  • 2-Year Domain Registration is Required


Registering a .COM domain for less than a $1 offer won’t be broken your budget. I highly recommend you to grab this deal even if you don’t want to start your business now. Because later you can sell your registered domains at a profit.

I hope this blog on how to register a .COM domain for the cheapest price helped you to take the advantage of a great opportunity.

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