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As you know that when you reading a book and blogs about marketing, watching videos about marketing always the first topic is that what’s marketing. 
Marketing is an enormous process that every business needs. Marketing helps businesses to promote their services and products effectively. defines marketing as “promoting business and selling the services and products with advertising and marketing research”.
In this article, you’re going to know about what’s marketing? types of marketing and more guides about marketing that are very helpful for you. 

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, delivering, exchanging, and offering that a company takes. 

The purpose of marketing is to deliver value to customers and in return, they will pay you. 

Marketing is an important part of products and services promotion. 

Let’s break the definition of marketing.

Marketing Guides And Tutorials For Beginners 2021 | What Is Marketing? | RealBSG
Marketing Guides And Tutorials For Beginners 2021 | What Is Marketing? | RealBSG

1. Creating Value

The companies make the product. The company has a process for creating this product called “creating value”. 
Marketing is the name of creating value, which companies find out what customers want and need? Companies remember it when they make products.

2. Communicating Value

Communicating is the part of marketing that helps you to sell your products to the customers. 
As you know when the company produces a new product, the customers don’t know about the new product. Now the company has to deliver a quality massage to the relevant customers to know and purchase the product.
But keep in mind that the message you deliver to your consumers is must be attractive and effective. 

3. Delivering Value 

Now imagine, that a customer buys your service or product. Now it’s the responsibility of the company that delivers this product or service to customers (online /offline). 

4. Exchanging Value

After delivering, now it’s time for actual selling. You give the product to the customer and in return, he gives the money. 
keep in mind that the only purpose of business is not money. It is very important.
 You have got money through the product, But is your customer happy with the product?
Every time you should provide value to your customers and keep your customers happy every time.  
When your customer is happy with your product. You will get the following benefits.

  • Your customer will give you 5 stars.
  • Your customer will become your ambassador. When he become your ambassador, he will tell to other people that buy the products of this company. Because it is the best for you. Then your customer numbers will increase automatically. Your company will more benefits from it.
  • If your brand has provided value to the customers. They will come to your shop/store again and again.

5. Offering

The offering is the part of marketing, you can offer the products and services with valuable information and that help you to generate more sales. 
The offering is part of marketing. The offering is a combination of products’ and services’ information from the marketplace.

Types Of Marketing

There’re many types of marketing including internet marketing, SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Blog marketing, social media marketing, print marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, and more that you can use to target your consumers. 

But you should use these marketing types based on your consumers, customers, and audience. 

Let’s explain the types of marketing.

1. Internet Marketing

Your company must have a good presence on internet marketing.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of optimizing the content to show in search engine results. The main purpose of SEO is to rank your business website.

3. Blog Marketing 

Blogging is another way to market businesses, brands, products, and services. Nowadays the companies publish blogs about their businesses and industries to nurture potential customers.

4. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays Many social media platforms are available such as Facebook, Instagram Linked In, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. You can use these platforms to build your company presence and market your products and services. 

5. Print Marketing

In the ancient era, companies had used print media to market their businesses, products, and services. 

6. Video Marketing

You can create and make videos for your brand, products, and services. 

The 4Ps Of Marketing

The 4Ps of marketing are very important for every business and company. Basically, these 4Ps explain the marketing interaction with each stage of business.

4Ps: Product, Place, price, Promotion


A company produces a product and wants to sell the product. but keep in mind if the company just selling the products, It might be won’t succeed in the business. 
The company team has to research the market, identify the target audience, and more.


Now you have to provide your product in those areas that are best for your product, and the residents of these areas purchase your product.


Your marketing team has to analyze the customer insights and research about the competitors’ products prices. After good research and analysis, your marketing team has to choose the good price for the product. 


After that, you have to select the promotion tools, budget, and ways that you will use them for product promotion.

Marketing Benefits

  • A Better Understanding Of Your Audience

As a marketer, You can better understand and identify your audience, you have all the audience data such as their demographics data. Next time, You can use this data for new products. 

  • Improve Brand Awareness

You can boost and improve your brand awareness. You can also build your brand and company presence on the internet especially on social media platforms. 

  • More Profit

You can make billion dollars with successful marketing.

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