Interserver Affiliate Program Review 2021 | Earn $100 Per Sale

 Interserver Webhosting

Interserver is a web hosting company based in the united states that provide many services like shared hosting,  domain registering, VPS( Virtual Private Hosting), and dedicated web hosting services. 

It provides these services at the cheap price. The interserver Webhosting is very good for beginners. Their basic plan starts at $2.50 per month.

Although, It provides the opportunity to migrate your website on Interserver freely without any cost.

After purchasing the Interserver Webhosting service, If you don’t like to use it more, you can refund your money.

In addition, It provides fast 24/7 support. you can chat with the Interserver team via live chat, phone call, email, and Facebook chat. 

Interserver Webhosting Features

  • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 450+ Cloud Apps
  • SitePad Website Builder
  • Intershield Protection
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Global Content Caching
  • Free Website Migration
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Affordable eCommerce Solutions to Empower Your Store
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Interserver Affiliate Program

The Interserver Affiliate Program is an extremely good way to make money online. Many affiliates promote its Webhosting services and they earn thousands of dollars per month. 
The Interserver Affiliate Program is added in high-paying affiliate programs. you can earn $100 per sale or newly qualified customer sign-up.
The Interserver Affiliate Program tracks the cookies for 90 days which is very good.
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How To Join The Interserver Affiliate Program?

Without an affiliate account, you cannot earn money from any affiliate program. First of all, you have to signup for Interserver Affiliate Program. 
You have to follow the following steps to create an account on Interserver Affiliate Program.

  1. Click here to land on the Interserver affiliate Program main page.
  1. Then click on “Sign Up Now”.
  1. There you will see some forms that you have to complete.
  1. Finally, your account will be created and you will be accessed to the Interserver affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Tools And Support
The marketing tools and support help digital marketers to do their work properly. For this purpose, every brand provides support for the users. 
Thus, the Interserver affiliate program provides marketing tools and support.
Let’s discuss the banner that the Interserver affiliate program provides.


The Interserver Affiliate Program gives the opportunity to use the many banners. It provides these banners in good sizes that you can show on your blog and website very easily.
These banners have HTML odes.  To show these banners on the website and blogs, you have to copy the banners’ HTML codes, Then place them on your blogs’ and website’ HTML section.
After that when the user clicks on your banners, it will land on the Interserver website main page. 
Then if the user purchases the interserver Webhosting services, you will get the commission.

How To Promote Interserver Webhosting Services?

To generate the revenue on the interserver affiliate program, you have to refer the customers that need and want the Interserver Webhosting services.

Digital Marketing Tools – RealBSG

For this purpose, You have to promote the interserver Webhosting services. There’re a number of ways to promote the interserver Webhosting services and offers including: 

1. Paid Advertisement

The paid advertisement is a great way to promote the services and products. So you can benefit from the paid media to promote the interserver Webhosting services. 

Many digital and social media platforms provide the opportunities to run the ads on the platforms. They allow you to target your audience effectively to get great results.

2. Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate blogging is the organic way to promote services and products. Affiliate blogging helps to generate significant revenue by publishing blogs, articles, and comparison blog posts.

Keep in mind that you have to write high-quality content that attracts customers. Additionally, embed your banner and affiliate links in the content that you have written and want to publish.

3. Social Media Platforms

Another organic way to promote the interserver Webhosting services is the social media platforms

As an Interserver affiliate, you have to share the content with your affiliate link on your social media profiles and pages to increase your revenue.

4. Email Marketing

You can drive the qualified sales to the interserver through email marketing. 

Email Marketing – RealBSG

If you have built an email list, then you must write the emails and send them. Most internet users view their emails daily. 

5. LinkedIn

As you know that LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms used by professionals. 

By using the LinkedIn features, you can generate new leads and customers for the Interserver Webhosting company. 

You have to send messages to users to encourage and convince them to buy the Interserver Webhosting services. 

But keep in mind that first focus on the relationship. If you focus on the sale, you will lose the both sale and the relationship. Also, if you focus on the relationship, you will win both relationship and sales. 

Thus, you will get a decent commission for the sale that you have generated.

Interserver Affiliate Program Benefits

The Interserver affiliate program has many advantages and benefits including easy to sign up, easy to promote, high commission rate, custom coupon code, and banners.

Easy SignUp: The Interserver affiliate program is very easy to join.

High Commission rate: The Interserver Affiliate Program gives a high commission rate. It pays you $100 when you refer a sale.

Cookies Life: The Interserver Affiliate Program tracks the last cookie for 90 days( 3 Months). That’s great for you to generate the revenue on the Interserver Affiliate Program.

Coupon Code: As an Interserver affiliate, You can create the coupon code and promotions that will help you to earn more money.

Analytics Data: The interserver affiliate program provides real-time analytics and statistical data of your efforts.

Timely Payments: The interserver affiliates can get the payout on monthly basis. 

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How to make money with the interserver affiliate program?

There’re four steps to make money with the interserver affiliate program.

  1. Signup at the platform.
  2. Get your affiliate link or use banners.
  3. Promote Webhosting services.
  4. Generating the sale.

After that, you will earn a decent commission from the interserver affiliate program

How much money can affiliates earn per sale?

$100 per sign-up.

How long does the Interserver affiliate program save the cookies?

90 days ( 3 Months).

Is the Interserver affiliate program easy to join?

yes, It’s very easy.

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