How To Increase Facebook Page Organic Reach? | Guides And Tutorials About Facebook Organic Reach

There are many types of reach including post reach, organic reach, and total reach.

  1. Organic Reach
  2. Post Reach
  3. Total Reach

1. Organic Reach

The number of the users that saw your post on your page and from the page in the news feed without paid advertising. 

2. Post Reach

According to the Facebook insight, The number of the users that saw your posts from your Facebook page or on your page in their news feed. It can be organic and paid.

3. Total Reach

According to the Facebook insight, the total number of users that they have seen your page posts or about your page. It gives information about all the number of users including your followers and those users that you don’t know. 
This article is all about Facebook’s organic reach that how you can increase and boost your organic reach.

Why The Facebook Organic Reach Is Going Down?

Many marketers believe that Facebook wants and encourage brands and companies to spend money on Facebook ( Paid promotion, ads ).
Don’t worry here are many tips and tricks that help you to boost and increase your organic reach. 
In this article, you are going to learn how to increase Facebook organic reach without paid advertisement, because all people haven’t enough money to spend on advertising and paid media. 
After implementing these tips and tricks, you will improve and increase your Facebook page organic reach.

How To Increase Facebook Page Organic Reach?

There I will share with you the 10 powerful tips, tricks, and tactics that help you to boost your organic reach on the Facebook platform, and as a result, you will get the good engagement rate naturally. 

  • Post Daily
  • Post relevant Content
  • Mixture
  • Facebook Loves Videos
  • The contest, Giveaway, and poll
  • Best time schedule for publishing
  • Increase engagement
  • Take advantage of trending posts
  • Join the Facebook group
  • Be human

1. Post Daily

Always share your content daily, also post information daily. 

The most important thing that I want to tell you is to use one template for your page pics and videos. because the use of one template will help you build a reputation for building a brand. If you use one template then people will recognize your page as a brand. The building of a brand is very important.

  • How To Use One Template And Theme For The Facebook Page?
You have to keep in mind the following elements to build a brand.

  • First of all, you have to select the background colors, text colors, font style, and font size that you have to use in the images that you create.
  • Use selected background colors for the Facebook page images that you create.
  • Use Your Facebook page logo in images that you create for your Facebook page.
  • Use selected colors for text writing on images for the Facebook page.
  • Use one font style for text writing on images.
  • Use one font size for text writing on images.

These things will help you use one template and theme.
You can use free templates and themes for creating images. Also, many websites provide free templates, but one of the most popular websites is that you can use for free. 
Canva has free templates and also you can create your custom templates.
To use the Canva platform, click on the banner.  
If you want to create images offline, Also you can use any software for creating images. There I want to mention some software to use for free and offline, that are adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator, and more.

2. Post Relevant Content

Always post relevant content related to your category and niche. 

For instance, your page is about technology. you should post related to the technology category. 

If you don’t post related to your category and niche, The followers will dislike your page and your Facebook page’s organic reach out will decrease.

3. Share Mixture Content

Also, It’s crucial to mix up your post formats, It helps you keep your feed attractive and users engage with it. You should publish the mixture content on your Facebook page. 
The mixture content includes stories, quotes, polls, blog posts, images with links, and GIFs. 

  • Text & Hashtags

Always write text and hashtags with posts. Nowadays the hashtags are very important on Facebook too. Many websites provide the best hashtags, But the best way to find the popular and trendiest hashtags is twitter trends(twitter popular hashtags). 

Although, many websites provide hashtags including “” and “trends24” there you will find the popular and best hashtags, Then copy these hashtags related to your category and niche and paste them into your Facebook page posts. 

The trendiest, relevant, and best hashtags help to increase your Facebook page’s organic reach. 

I recommend that you must use hashtags in your Facebook page posts.

  • Pictures

Nowadays the user likes visual content. Visual content means videos and pictures. So you should upload pictures in your Facebook page posts. If you create images for the Facebook page then it’s very good. 

How To Get Free Images For Your Facebook Page?

If you can’t create images for the Facebook page then you have to use free images for the Facebook page posts. 

Many websites provide free images that you can use for free. These websites provide images with high quality and resolution.

Now I want to mention the names of these websites.

Please go to the above website and download your favorite images. 

4. Facebook Loves Videos

Another tip that helps to boost the Facebook organic reach is Publishing the videos.
It’s a very important part of increasing the organic reach of the Facebook page. In fact, Facebook loves videos.

The latest research shows that quality videos get the higher organic reach compared to photos, links, and statuses on the Facebook platform. If you want to share your youtube video link on Facebook and you are worried that organic reach might be drop. 

For this purpose, you should share the mixed content of links and videos on Facebook.

Also, you can share your live streams on your Facebook page. The live video achieves the doubled engagement comparison to the recorded uploaded videos Because the users very engage with it and especially you can see the engagement in the comment section. 

You have many options to create and edit the videos. For instance, You can edit your videos on websites, But one of the most popular websites where people edit their videos is

It’s free and easy to use. So go to this website edit & create your videos.

You can create and edit the videos in software for free. There I want to mention some popular software that’s free and easy to use. You can edit and create your videos very quickly. 

Free Popular video Editing software

  • Adobe premiere pro
  • Filmora
  • Camtasia studio
  • Adobe after effect

5. Giveaway & Contest

You have to give the contest. Because many people promote the giveaway & contests. 

If you give the contest and giveaway then people will promote and like your content. There I want to share the example of Giveaway and contest.

Friends, I am giving away the latest iPhone 12 Pro. If you want to get it, Then share the post on your Facebook profile.

The contest ends Monday 20 july 2021. The winner will be announced in a Livestream on 21 july, at 8PM.

Like and share this post and get into winning the latest iPhone 12 pro.

Good Luck.

6. Best Time Schedule For Publishing

The publishing time is essential for Facebook’s organic reach because you should post when your audience and followers are online. 
Your best time for publishing content is maybe different from mine. 
What is the best time for post publishing? – It depends on your analytics, You can see it in your performance data. You have to check that which time you get the most engagement on which day. 
For instance, you get the most engagement rate at 10 pm on Saturday and Monday. So it’s your best time for posting. 
If you want that your audience to always view your posts, you have to ask them to turn on the notification for the posts that you publish. It helps you more to boost your organic reach. 

7. Increase Engagement

You should also encourage and convince your friends, family members, employers, and partners that they engage the content that you publish on your Facebook page. 
Then, your organic reach will boost and improve naturally. 

8. Take Advantage Of Trending Posts

You can take the benefit of the trending topics. By publishing the content about the trending topics, you can attract more users to your content on the Facebook platform.

9. Join The Facebook Group

According to the Facebook statistics data, there are more than 400 million users in Facebook groups. Facebook groups are another good way to increase your organic reach of posts. Join the groups relevant to your industry and niche. 

Next, Share your page content in these relevant groups, Although, you will get more engagement rate too. 

10. Be Human

Another powerful tip is humanizing your brand to boost your organic reach naturally. You should interact with the audience as a human.

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