Affiliate Marketing Guides And Tutorials For Beginners

As you know that covid-19 has changed the world, Many Traditional businesses have stopped and they want to convert their businesses to the digital environment. 

Their employers want to work online. Also, a lot of people want to make money online but they don’t know that what really do. 

There are many ways on the internet to make money online including affiliate marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, blogging, freelancing, and more. 

But keep in mind that skills are very important for them, without skills you can’t earn money from them. 
In this article, you will learn about that what’s affiliate marketing and how to earn from it. 

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Affiliate Marketing – RealBSG

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Generally, Affiliate marketing is the way to make money online. 
In affiliate marketing, you have to create your account at the affiliate program, generate your affiliate link, promote the products and services with your affiliate links, and when someone has made purchase the products and services through your affiliate link, Then the affiliate program will give the commission per sale that you have generated. That’s very simple.
Keep in mind that when a user clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie saves in his browser. The affiliate program tracks it for the next moment of the user. 
Every affiliate program tracks the cookies for a specific period of time. Many affiliate programs track the cookie for a long period of time such as digistore24, digistore24 tracks the cookie for 180 days (6 months). 
Now before I dig into the advantages of affiliate marketing, let me tell you that every affiliate program has different commission rates. 
Many of them pay you a high commission per sale including the Webhosting affiliate programs, SEMRush affiliate program, ClickBank affiliate program, and digistore24 affiliate program. Some of them give you a small commission per sale such as the amazon affiliate program.  
There are two sides to the affiliate marketing equation that’re the manufacturer and affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Pros

1. Free Signup

You can create an account for free at any affiliate program and network, You don’t have to pay for it. 
You just have to create your account at the affiliate network or program, generate your affiliate links, promote the company’s services and products, and finally when you drive the sale or lead, Then the company will pay for it.

2. Minimal Investment

In affiliate marketing, you should create and build your own website and blog for promoting the products and services. 
For creating and building the website you have to purchase the custom domain name and Webhosting. You just have that investment.
After building the website, you don’t need any investment for products and services promotion.

3. Easy To Start

Nowadays Many digital marketers start affiliate marketing because it’s easy to start. 
The affiliate programs provide more opportunities to the affiliates to join their programs and promote their products and services. 

4. Already Made Material 

Some of the best affiliate programs provide the already made materials that affiliates can use for free in products and services promotion Such as the Webhosting services that provides many banners and text links. 
Also, the ClickBank and Digistore24 affiliate programs’ products have the “affiliate support page” that provides already made materials.

5. Million-Dollar Bussiness

By starting affiliate marketing, you can build the Million of dollar business. 
Keep in mind that it depends on your quality and quantity that how many sales and leads you generate for the affiliate programs. Super affiliates earn millions of dollars in the year.

6. Learning Through Earning

Affiliate marketing provides the opportunity to learn while you earn. Thus, you will learn and earn both simultaneously. 

7. High Income Of Potential 

Affiliate marketing provides the chance of high income on monthly basis. 
If you generate more sales you will earn more money. For instance, if you generate one qualified sale for SEMRush, It pays you $200 per sale, Although if you make a sale for Webhosting affiliate programs, they pay you $100-$200 per sale.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

It depends on the affiliate programs that what they want that customers should do. Every affiliate program has a  rewards type, But the most common reward types are pay per lead, pay per click, and pay per sale.
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Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – RealBSG

1. Pay-Per-Sale

When the customer purchased the product and service through your affiliate link, The affiliate program pays you the specific commission per sale that you generate.  Most affiliate programs use this reward type.

2. Pay-Per-Click

In this type of reward, you have to redirect the customers to the seller’s website (a sale is made or not ). Then it will pay you.

3. Pay-Per-Lead

In this type, you have to generate the leads for the company. When the visitors fill out the contact form with their personal information. Then the affiliate program will pay you per lead that you have referred.

How To Become An Affiliate? 

Now I hope that you are thinking about how to become an affiliate. You’re 5 steps away to become an affiliate and earn the money.

Step 1: Sign Up At The Affiliate Program Or Network

First, you have to create an account on an affiliate program or network. 
There’re many affiliate programs and networks available on the internet like impact affiliate network, commission junction affiliate network,  amazon affiliate program, ClickBank affiliate program, Digistore24 affiliate program, Webhosting affiliate program, and more. 
When you fill out the signup form, Your application will be reviewed, after that, the program or network will send you a confirmation email.
Finally, you will be accessed to the affiliate program dashboard.

Step 2: Select The Best Products And Services

After joining the affiliate program and network, you have to choose the best and valuable products and services that you have to promote. 

Step 3: Get Your Affiliate Link

Now you have to create and generate the affiliate link of products and services that you selected and want to promote. Next, use that affiliate link in your promotion place.

Step 4: Promote The Products And Services

Next, you have to promote the products and services that you have selected. 
There are many ways to promote the products and services including affiliate blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, and etc.

Step 5. Qualified Sale Or Lead

When you drive the qualified sale or lead. The affiliate program and network will pay you the commission. Thus, you will earn the money.

Affiliate Marketing Tips And Tricks

There’re some tips and tricks that help you to become successful in affiliate marketing.

1. Products Niche

You have to select the one niche in affiliate marketing that helps you to better know about the products and services. 
How to choose the niche and category for affiliate marketing?
You should keep in mind the following elements in selecting the niche.
Your interest: Select a niche based on your interest and also you can write consistently on that niche.
Other interest: You should also remember that what your audience wants and need. 

2. Social Media Platforms 

Many customers use social media platforms. To increase the revenue, You have to promote the products and services on social media platforms as an affiliate marketer. 

3. Relationship

First, you have to identify your audience that what they need and want. Then You should build a relationship with your audience. 
The relationship is the key feature of generating sales for the companies. 
If you focus on your relationship, you will win the relationship and sale. Although, If you focus on sales, you will lose both.

4. Promote Valuable Products

You should promote valuable products to your audience. If you provide value to your audience, they will trust you and probably purchase the services and products that you promote.

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