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Youtube is the largest video-sharing platform that most visited website after google. Youtube is a Google-owned company. 
Youtube allows to monetize the youtube channels by creating video content for youtube and that’s the reason that many users create the video content for youtube.
In this article, you will know about youtube monetization program policies and 14 effective ways to get 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers for the youtube channel.

Youtube Partner Program Policies

Youtube has a policy for monetizing youtube channels which is the getting of 1000 subscribers and completing the 4000 hours watch time. 
After completing the monetization requirements you have to apply for the youtube partner program, It will review your application, and if your channel is eligible, then it will give you approval.
Finally, your channel will be able to publish the ads on your videos to earn the money.

What’s Watch Time?

Watch time means the amount of time that users watch your videos or spend time on your videos. 
Also, it’s the video ranking factor too. if your videos get enough watch time. Then youtube will suggest and recommend your videos to the relevant users and also will show them in search results too.

14 Effective Ways To Complete Youtube Watch Time

  • Quality and Quantity
  • Consistency
  • Edit the video property
  • VidIQ
  • Creating Playlist
  • Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnail
  • Use Cards
  • Tube Buddy
  • Make long duration videos
  • Share your videos on other platforms
  • Encourage People, Family members, and friends to watch your videos.
  • Live stream
  • Comment on the popular youtube channels
  • Facebook Ads
14 Powerful Tips & Tricks to complete the youtube watch time

1. Quality And Quantity

There are quality has two means, quality of the video and quality of the content. 
If your quality of the content(valuable content) and quality of the video(size, aspect ratio) is good. Then viewers will like and watch your videos. 
Many digital marketers believe that quantity is more valuable than quality when you start a new youtube channel. Because in the starting you are practicing and learning that how youtube works and if you produce more content, it will show you more data that can help you more as a creator. 
However, If there’s a trending topic relevant to your industry and viewers need to know about that at a particular time, but if you spend many hours and days making a quality video of this topic. You will lose some of the potential customers that want that information right now. 
Here’s an example that helps you to understand quantity. Many marketers reviews products, When the product release, then they make a quick video about product review.  
There I want to mention two terms that’re bounce rate and audience engagement rate.
Bounce Rate: Bounce rate means when someone watching your video, he becomes bore from your video and skips your video. it’s called bounce rate. 
Also, Google uses this term in blogging too. If your bounce rate is high it means that people don’t like your videos or content.  

Audience Engagement Rate: The audience engagement rate shows that how much users engage with your videos. If your engagement rate is high it means that your videos are performing well. 

You have to increase your audience engagement rate then youtube will recommend your videos,  and also you will get watch time. 
You can see your engagement and bounce rate in your channel analytics. So please practice it.

2. Consistency

Consistency is the key to complete the watch time. If users watch your videos or don’t watch, you have to make videos for your youtube channel with consistency. 
For instance, if you are uploading 30 videos in a month. You have a good chance of completing 4000 hours of watch time and  getting1000 subscribers.

3. Edit The Videos Property

Before uploading the video, you have to edit the property of the video on your desktop. 
There you can add the title, description, subtitles, comments, and star rating.
Adding these things can help you to improve your video SEO, It helps you to show your video in search results. Thus, you will get more watch time and subscribers.

4. VidIQ

Use the VidIQ widget(Go to the VidIQ website and install this extension), Because it gives you good suggestions and also helps you for using keywords, tags, and ranking the videos.

5. Creating Playlist

You should create playlists of relevant videos. A playlist provides the oppurtunity that viewers watch your videos continuously. 
You should also use the start and end time function that provides more oppurtunity to the viewers and users. 
By Creating the playlists of courses and related videos, you can rank your playlist separately. 
Youtube allows you to link your video at the end of the video. As a youtube channel creator, you should link your videos at the end of each video. 

6.Title, Description, Tags, And Thumbnail

To complete the watch time, you have to choose the title, tags, description that reflect your content. The relevant title, tags, description, and tags help you to improve your SEO and get more watch time and views. 
You also have to target low competition and long-tail keywords to rank your videos in search results.
There’re many tools and widgets available on the internet that you can use for keyword research such as google keyword planner, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, and more keyword research tools.
Generally, youtube automatically creates some thumbnails for your video that you upload, But you have to upload the custom thumbnail. 
The research shows that most of the best performance videos have custom thumbnails that reflect the content of the video. 
A good thumbnail is also important for CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Make sure that the thumbnail you create can encourage and convince the viewers and users to click on your thumbnail and then watch your video. However, Keep in mind that the thumbnail of your video looks good on the desktop and mobile. 

7. Use Cards Throughout Your Videos

There are many ways that allow you to use cards in your videos, but the powerful way is that link your video to another video on your youtube channel. Thus, you will increase your organic reach that helps to complete the watch time.

8. TubeBuddy

Tube Buddy is an extension that suggests the relevant keywords and tags for your video. If you use the best and relevant keywords and tags in your videos’ metadata, you will improve the videos’ SEO that helps you to show your video in search results, and also will get the watch time too. 
To take the benefits from tube buddy, you have to install it. Simply click here to land on the homepage of it and then install it.

9. Make Long Duration Videos

In starting the youtube channel, I recommend that you should make long-duration videos ( for instance 10-12 minutes ) that help you to maximize your watch time. 

10. Share Your Videos On Other Platforms

You should build your presence on all other platforms including social media platforms. It helps you to complete the watch time. 
After uploading the video, you must share your video on social media platforms with your audience and also embed your video in relevant blog posts. 
Most social media platforms provide you the groups and many members have joined these groups. The social media groups have a good engagement rate. Share your videos in the groups to send the users to watch your video and subscribe to your channel.

11. Encourage People, Family Members, And Friends To Watch Your Videos

You have to encourage and convince your audience, family members, and friends to watch your video and give you feedback. 
Don’t be afraid of the feedback. The Feedbacks help you to improve your video and content quality. 
Thus, you will get more watch time and boost your video content. 

12. Live Stream

Youtube provides you a feature called “Live stream”. The live stream is basically sharing of unfiltered moments.  
You have to share the live streams with your audience and viewers. The live streams get the double engagement rate compared to the recorded upload videos because the audience and viewers can interact with the creator in real-time. 
After making the live stream you will get a huge watch time. For instance, if you are live for 2 hours and 100 viewers watch your live stream, Thus you have gotten the 200 hours to watch time. The live stream is a good way for completing the 4000 hours of watch time. 
Keep in mind that don’t delete the live stream videos, because if you delete them. you will lose all the watch time that have gained them. 
When many viewers are watching your live stream, then youtube will recommend it to the relevant users.

13. Comments On The Popular Youtube Channels

You should also comment on popular channels, and give them information about your videos’ value. Thus, You will encourage and convince the audience to watch your video and subscribe to your channel. After that, when viewers watch your video and subscribe to your channel, then your channel will grow automatically.

14. Facebook Ads

There’s another way to get the watch time and that’s paid media. You can run ads on Facebook with good/quality content that encourages and convince the users to watch the video and subscribe to your channel.
PRO TIP: Keep in mind that don’t run ads on Google and youtube for getting the watch time, Because it doesn’t count, and if count too, you will have some problems in monetizing your youtube channel.
After following the above tips and tricks, you will be able to complete the youtube monetization program policies. 
Next, you have to apply for the youtube monetization program. 
After getting approval, you will be able to publish the ads on your videos as a publisher to make money.

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