14 Powerful Tips And Tricks To Increase The Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a Facebook-owned company, that’s used by 1.074 billion users in 2021. If you are creating amazing or quality content for Instagram, Then your brand will grow automatically on Instagram.

Keep in mind that building the brand and success on Instagram is defending your content and tactics.
This article is all about increasing the followers on Instagram using the 14 powerful tips and tricks. 

14 Powerful Tips And Tricks To Increase The Followers On Instagram

  • Your Plan
  • Identify Target Audience
  • Content for target Audience
  • Daily content
  • Response to the comment and Messages
  • Strong & Attractive Instagram Profile Bio
  • Use Hashtags
  • Theme and Copywriting
  • Story
  • Post Description
  • Paid traffic
  • Share your Instagram profile on other platforms
  • Upload IGTV (Instagram TV)
  • CTA(Call To Action)

1. Your Plan

First, you have to make a plan for Instagram to get results that what do you want to get on the Instagram platform? If you don’t know that what’s your plan, then you struggle and work, But you won’t get any results on Instagram.
I suggest you that send your traffic to your website and install the “email subscription” widget on your website where users enter their emails. Thus, you will build an email list. Then you can send them continuously weekly, monthly, or daily newsletters. Then your audience will build. 
Although, install the Facebook pixels on your website because it’s very important. When the audience and followers come to your website and blog, the Facebook pixel saves all the data of these users, after that when you advertise on Facebook or Instagram you can specifically retarget them. So it’s the benefit of the Facebook pixel. 
So first identify that what do you want to achieve on the Instagram platform.

2. Identify Target Audience

On every platform, you have to target your audience. Thus, You have to identify your target audience who will benefit from your post or content that you publish? Or identify your target audience in your plan. 
To identify or know about your audience, you have to analyze the Instagram insight that helps you better understand your audience.  

3. Content For Target Audience

After knowing about your target audience, then provide valuable content specifically for them. Although, you have to Provide your content to those who are waiting for your content. 
If you publish the content for the target audience, then they will engage more and also those who have interests in your content. 

4. Daily Content

You should select the daily routine to publish the fresh content on Instagram. As you know that many celebrities on Instagram filled their feeds with new regular content. 

Thus, if you provide more content, There’re more chances to get likes, comments, and shares. 

5. Response To The Comment And Messages

However, you should keep in mind that increasing the number of followers depends on your activities on Instagram. You have to interact and engage with your audience and followers, it helps you to send positive signals to the Instagram algorithm and a way to declare to potential followers that you’re open to conversation. Thus, You will get more followers on Instagram. 
The Sprout social index data shows that 71% of consumers follow the brands to engage and interact with them.

6. Strong & Attractive Instagram Profile Bio

The Instagram profile bio shows on your main profile page that the audience first views it. The Instagram profile bio gives the information about your brand briefly.

Write your Instagram profile bio that attracts new users to follow your profile. 

Here’re some tips to make your Instagram profile more attractive and strong.

  • Clear profile image
  • CTA ( Call To Action)
  • Use emojis in profile bio

7. Use Hashtags

You should use hashtags in your post because the posts with hashtags gain more engagement than those without hashtags. However, you can add the relevant hashtags in the first comment and many brands do it.  
The best way to find the relevant trendiest hashtags is twitter trends, Twitter trends provide you the trendiest hashtags relevant to your posts that you can use.
In addition, many websites provide you trendiest and latest hashtags such as, ““, and more.

8. Theme And Copywriting

Additionally, you have to keep in mind the two things that are very important in Instagram posts, that’re theme and copywriting. Use one theme on every digital platform, It will consider your profiles and pages as a brand.
If you promoting and selling the products and services, then you should use copywriting in your posts. Thus, you will generate revenue.

9. Story

Instagram provides a feature called “story”. Use the story feature that helps you to improve and boost your organic reach.

10. Post Description

When you post you must write the description of the post to optimize your post for search results, thus by searching the relevant hashtags and phrase the potential users can find your content and also follow you. 

11. Paid Traffic

There’re many ways to get and increase Instagram followers and one of them is paid promotion. Instagram allows you to promote and advertise your profile on Instagram to get more potential followers.

12. Share Your Instagram Profile On Other Platforms

You can show your Instagram profile on your website through a widget.
Although, you can promote your Instagram profile on other platforms where you have some followers. Thus, You will drive potential followers to your Instagram profile. 
However, you can link your Instagram account with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and more.  

13. Upload IGTV (Instagram TV)

As you know that users like to watch video content. The organic reach of video is very fast on many platforms including Instagram. It provides the oppurtunity to upload the video to your profile. When you publish the 1-minute duration video called the IGTV. 
You have to upload the videos on the Instagram platform to reach more audience.

14. CTA(Call To Action)

Your every post must have a clear CTA (Call To Action) and give the CTA at the end of the post. For example like and share our post, follow us, and etc.

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